Thursday, March 15, 2012

Australia, Here I Come!! Ready or Not...

Huzzah! The day is finally here- off to Australia I go for two full weeks of fun, sun and relaxation!

I think the fun is probably the only part of that first statement that will hold true. From what I've heard, the weather in Australia (Sydney, at least) has been rainy at best. As far as relaxation... well, I think it'll (definitely) be more relaxing that life in America (I mean, isn't that what Australia is known for? Relaxation, merriment, all things good and right in the world??), but considering I have yet to really plan for anything, we'll see how relaxing this trip will actually be.

Sure, I have my flights and lodging in my various cities all nicely booked, but I have absolutely nothing booked in terms of tours, skydiving festivities, snorkeling adventures (trust me, even with a life vest, snorkeling will be an adventure given my swimming capabilities... or lack thereof), etc. Oh well... half the fun is the anticipation, right?

Riiight. In any event, I can't wait! I only started getting really excited for the trip when I awoke this morning. I flew in to Chicago last night, literally dreading coming back to my apartment, because I knew what was awaiting me... laundry, cleaning, packing, administrative duties, and tying up some loose ends with work. Kind of a long list of things to look forward to at 7:30 PM the night before you are leaving for the other side of the world.

So what did I do? As soon as I walked in my apartment, put my stuff down... and napped.

In all fairness, I had a KILLER headache throughout the day yesterday, that only progressively worsened on my flight back to Chicago, so I simply had to take care of that. Believe me, when it comes to headaches, I am the world's biggest wimp. After gorging on some Advil (okay, two capsules, as indicated), I HAD to nap in order to help the headache alleviation process along. Obviously.

And it worked! Imagine that! I woke up after about an hour and felt as good as new... well, kind of. But much better than I had prior to the grand nap- and that's all that really matters! In any event, I ended up getting to my laundry last night, but... well, that's about it. What? I was tired!

So, I definitely went to bed last night still feeling incredibly unprepared for my across the world trip... I did, after all, had yet to BEGIN packing.

I assumed that I would dread waking up this morning, given the annoying task of packing (and CLEANING! MAN, was my place a disaster or WHAT?!) looming ahead of me. But surprisingly enough, nope! I woke up with literal butterflies in my stomach... I'm (FINALLY) so excited!! Thank goodness... I was wondering when the whole excitement feeling was going to start kicking in. I mean, over the past week or so, what I've been feeling has been anything but excitement (I have no idea why... trust me, it was all very perplexing). But thankfully, no worries now! The natural excitement factor is back in full SWING!!!

AND! Imagine that, this morning actually went as smoothly as could be expected (that's not to say that it actually WENT smoothly, but whatever). I finished cleaning AND packing* AND went to the doctor AND finished up some work stuff... and now, I'm just waiting for my beloved Maria Thomas to arrive for her weekend in Chicago before I finally head off to O'Hare!

Not like the adventure or suspense really stops here. I mean, you're looking at a girl who took it upon herself to book her flights such that she has a mere 40 minute connection in LA to catch her Sydney flight. Awesome. In any event, we'll see how this goes- fingers crossed that I can just board an earlier flight from O'Hare... fingers. crossed.

Catch you all when I get to the land down under! You better believe I'll be blogging while down there!

*Special thanks to Urmi for her handy dandy backpack! Lifesaver.

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