Friday, April 29, 2011

bucket lists, The Buried Life... and Maria ThomaslsdflkdsjfkfjslkdjflkasjdflkjLKJ!

have you guys heard of this show called The Buried Life? it's on MTV and it's all the rage right now. it's apparently about these four guys who have a show about crossing things off their bucket list (a list of things they want to do/accomplish before they die), which sounds pretty much... um, AWE-some. even better, with each episode, they also help a random person cross things off THEIR bucket list as WELL. sigh- even though i'd never heard of this show before, im such a big fan of them now, JUST because their show actually helps others too...

why in heaven's name am i even bringing this random topic up (aside from the fact that my blog is nothing BUT randomness in spirit-finger formaslkdfj?!)?

so earlier this week, i got on facebook (you know, the standard) and noticed that one of my family friends' (oh, who am i kidding? this girl is like a little sister to me) facebook walls was TOTES blowing up with posts and status updates. of course, it doesn't take much for me to be all intrigued.

enter... Maria Thomas. maria is a 19-year-old freshman at ohio state, who i have known since she was born. sigh, she just makes me so HAPPY. i like to think of us as twins-separated-by-a-decade, if you will... in the sense that we're both, well, pretty on par with one another in that whole craziness department. hahaha. but i digress.

sorry, this is the only picture i could pull at the moment... hope you two don't mind! hahaha. ANYWAY, so maria (the one on the left) is apparently more than a little obsessed with this show, The Buried Life. so obsessed that... hmm... what would be a good analogy?

okay, got it. maria's obsession with the buried life is analogous to christie's obsession with will smith ... like that one? i thought of it all on my own and everything. ANYWAY, so i guess the buried life was scheduled to come to ohio state in february but had to cancel at the last minute due to an awful snowstormy catastrophe (sigh. gotta love ohio!)... umm, i think saying that maria was devastated would be considered a complete and total understatement to the adjective. she actually told me that she went to the SEL and just watched clips of the show on her computer... and cried. HAHAHAHA. if you didnt think maria and i were twins-separated-by-a-decade before, you most certainly should NOW (if you knew me in college that is... because only then will you remotely understand the extent of my relationship with the SEL... sigh. good times. haha).

anyway, so hooray! the buried life, being the goodhearted people that they are, ended up coming to ohio state earlier this week to give a talk and do some good, old-fashioned Q&A. apparently, maria was like the first person to leap on up to an open microphone during the Q&A segment (thatta girl! i couldn't be PROUDER of the shamelessness, really) and start... well, just chit-chatting with them... about who even knows what (the poor thing didn't even remember what she was rambling on and on about... in front of a crowd of 200 students and, well, the entire buried life cast... but whatever). THEN, she told the buried life cast that one of the things on her bucket list would be to crowd surf...

easy enough, right? so easy, in fact, that the buried life cast decided to take care of crossing that one off her list right then and THERElkasjfdlkajsdlkfjdsljfKL! who does that HAPPEN TO?!?!??!?! needless to say, maria was likely on the verge of fainting and/or experiencing some serious heart palpitations. so what happens next, you ask? ummm... the cast gets a group of the ohio state people together and proceeds to CROWD SURF MARIA!

(i stole this picture off facebook, so THANK YOU to whomever took this AWESOME PHOTO!)

ummm... pride doesn't even begin to describe what i feel at this moment in time. as she was relaying the story to me, i couldn't help but get so squealworthy excitedlkajdsflkjsakdf.... and i wasnt even THERE!!!!

but i really think it's all about good karma. i mean, she's such a good person... why SHOULDN'T something so wonderful and memorable happen to her?!?!?! her literal words to me were "yeah, i really thought i could die happy after that" which... i must admit, are pretty much the exact same words that i used when recounting my not-so-chance encounter (okay, some slight stalking was involved) with the one and only will smith.

lkasjfksjdflj! i couldnt be PROUDER of my twin-separated-by-a-decade! couldn't be PROUDERlkjfalkdsjflsajfdlkjaldsjflasdkjflsj!

anyway, have you guys ever thought about a bucket list for yourself?! i decided to buckle down and start working on my own little bucket list after that ridiculous story... in no particular order, do enjoy (this is only the first five i came up with so far) and start thinking of your OWN bucket list please!lkjfdsalkjflk!:

My Bucket List

1. host a TV show (or if i can't host it, at least be a GUEST on Ellen... it's too late to get on Oprah, i guess)

2. skydiving in new zealand or switzerland

3. meet prince william and princess catherine ... potentially become FRIENDS with them?!?!?!(okay, so im kind of caught up in the hoopla at this moment)

4. change at least one person's life (in a good way! OBVI haha)

5. visit all 50 states

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