Monday, May 27, 2013

Super Cool Surveys

I love these things! I feel like the last time I did one of these was back in the day when mass emailing out random information about yourself was "super cool" (read: junior high / high school). Well, since I am pretty much the coolest person ever, I got super excited to see this pop up on this blog I am obsessed with regularly follow.

Current Book:
Lean In - it's actually not bad... not only is it well-written, but I actually find myself nodding in agreement at certain points.

Current Music:
My Pandora is currently on a "90s Pop" station. At least I'm honest...

Current Guilty Pleasure:
Umm... yeah, the Powerball. And/or all other forms of fast cash apparently, thanks to some particularly thoughtful friends of mine (read: Purvi M.)

Current Nail Color:
Summertime orange-ish! Sure, it may not be the "official" name but you get the idea. If you "think summer", maybe summer will actually... I don't know... arrive?

Current Drink:
Dunkin' Donuts coffee!!! The Dunkin' Donuts that opened up literally one block away from me may or may not be the start of a major problem.

Current Food:
TJ's granola!! I think I could live off this and this alone for the rest of my days...

Current Favorite Show:
The Cosby Show. It's been among my favorite shows for the past couple of DECADES, why would it change now?

Current Wish List:
This one's tough! I'll get back to ya... I know you are waiting on the edge of your seats.

Current Needs:
Sunshine (I guess the actual "need" would be Vitamin D)... aaaand a vacation

Current Indulgence:
D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S - of any and all varieties

Current Blessing:
Family (related and "unrelated"), friends - generic and a bit cheesy, but the truth nonetheless

Current Outfit:
T-shirt, sweats - it's 7 AM, what do you expect?

Current Excitement: