Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Tweet On Katie Couric's SHOW!!

After an eventful January, I decided to take a break from my whole staying up past midnight on weekends schedule and devote the month of February to fruits, veggies and yoga. Sure, we're almost halfway through the month and I have yet to regularly intake fruits and veggies, let alone sign up for a neighborhood yoga class, but oh well. At least I haven't been eating out nearly as much as I had been for the month of January, which is enough of a cleanse for me.

In the spirit of all things low-key for February, I stayed in on Saturday night - my primary goal being to catch up on my DVR. When you DVR hour-long talk shows on a daily basis, your DVR tends to fill up pretty quickly. I just love Katie, The View and Ellen - what can I say?

After watching one episode of The View, I decided to switch over to a couple of Katie episodes that I hadn't yet caught up on during the week.

One thing Katie has started doing on Fridays is a "Friday Follow Up" segment, where she basically summarizes the feedback that she has received throughout the week from her viewers.

As this segment popped up on my screen, I distinctly remembered sending Katie a tweet about a show she'd had earlier that week that featured the men of Silver Linings Playbook. I haven't yet seen the movie but have heard a lot of hype about it and was definitely interested to hear what Robert DeNiro, Bradley Cooper and David Russell had to share about their experiences.

To be perfectly honest, I was shocked with how emotionally charged was this episode. I don't know if it was because of the topic the movie covers (mental illness) or because of all three guys' incredibly emotional reaction to the subject matter... whatever the case, I couldn't stop thinking about that show for a couple of days. So I did what any normal person would do - I tweeted my sentiments to Katie.

I honestly had forgotten about the tweet I'd sent until I saw Katie's "Follow Up Friday" segment pop up on my television screen. It was only at that point that I started thinking about how funny (read: awe-some) it would be to have the Maliyacular show up on the big screen (Katie's big screen, more like). I figured it was kind of a long stretch for a couple of reasons:

1. I figured there are thousands of messages that her staff is sifting through in order to figure out what will accurately portray a well-rounded plate of weekly feedback.

2. I figured I would be notified if my message had been chosen.

Turns out... I was wrong. Because imagine my (DELIGHTED!!) surprise when Katie's introducing the feedback related to her Silver Linings Playbook show and the screen shifts to THIS:

Needless to say, freaking out didn't even BEGIN to describe my reaction. There it was!! The Maliyacular on the Katie's big screen!! I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!! And the best part is... well, okay, there's a couple of "best parts" to this:

1. This episode's subject matter is something I feel strongly about so I'm happy she was able to feel/hear the conviction / emotion in my mere tweet.

2. More superficially speaking... I have it on my DVR!! You better believe I'm going to be saving THAT one for months years to COME!

MAN!! What a great start to my low-key month of February, that is ALL I have to SAY!