Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get Ready, Australia! Here I COME!!!

And who said New Year's Resolutions aren't legit? Guess who gets to cross #1 off her New Year's Resolution list already?!

That's right! I finally bit it and booked my flight to Sydney, Australia!!!

I was wondering if this was actually going to happen. Don't get me wrong- I've been wanting to visit that side of the world for QUITE some time now... ever since one of my best friends, Kathy, moved to New Zealand a year after college. However, while the prospect was always there, nothing ever panned out... all four-ish years she was down there. Lame-o (on my part), I know. What can I say? When it came to lavish vacations vs. paying off my student loans, the frugal, practical side of me clearly won out.

When Kathy and her husband, Liam, decided to move to Sydney, Australia last year, I knew that I simply HAD to get down to that side of the world, before they ended up moving back to the United States (lkfjdsalkfj! Which, can I say, I couldn't be more ecstatic about?!). And, GOD! Sydney, Australia. Doesn't it just scream all things utopian sunshiney happiness?

Now that I think about it, I sure hope I decide to come back. Huh. Anyway!

For me, sure, the location can totally make or break a vacation. But for this trip in particular, I can safely say it's the people that are going to make it for me. Not only is this trip designed to be one giant hugfest of a reunion with Kathy, BUT I also get to reunite with Hazel... another favorite person (ever, in life) of mine who was a fellow coworker of mine in San Francisco (and who currently lives out in Sydney as well... I know, what are the odds?).

You would think that would be enough, right? Nope. Because I've also planned my time in Sydney to coincide with the time one of my college best friends (who is currently living in South Korea) will be in Sydney as WELL!!!

REUNION CENTRALKljdskfjasldkfjlkdsajflkdsjL!!!!!

Sigh. Isn't life just grand? ISN'T IT? High school best friend, college best friend AND a San Francisco favorite all convening on the other side of the world??!! What ARE the odds?! And icing on the cake?! That's right... I'm going in March, which is only... the grandest season of allllll, Falllllll over on that side of the world!!! (You better believe that was always in the back of my mind as I was planning timing for this vacation!)

Huh. I guess I should actually start planning some of the logistics behind my trip... quite frankly, I just kind of booked my flight on a whim about a week ago (throwing caution to the wind and all that) without really thinking about what I'm going to be DOING for those two weeks straight. Sure, Sydney's the priority, but I want to hit up Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef and... well, that's about all I've got for right now. Clearly, a trip to Amazon for an Australia guidebook is in my near future...

Okay, so this post wasn't solely devoted to bragging rights about this trip. (Only partially... haha.) If you have suggestions of places I should visit while I'm in the land down under, definitely comment on this post or email/text/call/Facebook/Tweet/Google+ me... well, you get the idea.

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  1. G'Day!! Gimme dates and I'll hook you up :) Let's catch up when I get back from the land of Oz. Al x