Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shamelessness Meets... My CNN iReport!

I'm a fairly shameless person. I have been for most of my life (since high school, at least). And for the most part, it's gotten me some legit opportunities. Here are some of the top moments where my shamelessness TOTALLY paid off in terms of life-defining moments (ordered by importance, of course):

1. Meeting Will Smithlkfjaslkfjsl!!
2. Meeting Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clintonlkajdslkfajdslkfj!
3. Going to the last Oprah showlaksjfdlksajfdl!
4. Getting my picture posted on one of the Times Square Digitron screenslkasjflkdsj!
5. Getting some legit airtime on MTV's TRL
6. Getting interviewed for the Lakers Fan Cam

Well. I can now add:

#7. Shamelessly plucking random individuals from a crowd to interview for a CNN iReport.

Let me back up. So Social Media Week was taking place in Chicago all week long, and I was helping out by blogging for a few of the events. I'd received an email a few weeks ago, detailing the opportunity to submit a CNN iReport on social media, since CNN iReport was one of the sponsors of Social Media Week.

You better BELIEVE I got right ON that opportunity. I'm in love with CNN (I've wanted to be a news anchor since I was about... four years old) and I love all things social media (follow me @maliyacular on Twitter! Shameless, again. I know.)... how much more perfect an opportunity could it GET?!

That said, I figured I couldn't just interview MYSELF about social media... I'm not exactly the most impartial person, in case you couldn't tell. Instead, I just went right ahead and plucked three individuals from the crowd (at one of Social Media Week's panel discussions) to interview for... my very first CNN iReport! Shameless, I know. But hey, they agreed.

All in a day's work, really :)

Therefore... in all things good and shameless, I present to you... my very first CNN iReport! (Apologies in advance for the background noise. I'm a rookie, what can I say?)

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