Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Met Tucker Max!

And I was impressed!

Trust me. I surprise myself sometimes. When I first learned of this opportunity to blog for Social Media Week Chicago, I was thrilled to bits. You know me and my (slight) love for blogging... now on a grand scale and everything?! Sign me UP!

When we got our blogging assignments for the week, I eagerly perused the spreadsheet for my name. There were so MANY (80+) events going on this week, that I couldn't WAIT to see where I'd been placed.

Let's just say that when I saw my name listed to blog for "A Conversation with Tucker Max", I rolled my eyes pretty much instantaneously. I mean, Tucker Max? Come ON. Sure, I've read his blog and parts of his book (and, okay, I've laughed... aloud and everything... even at the degrading parts about women, I'll admit it), but that doesn't necessarily mean I was all ready, set, pumped to have to listen to him for an hour.

God, I was just envisioning his arrogance, his ego, his... partying/womanizing ways.

But boy, was I wrong. Okay, sure, he may be all of the above (he has to be... read his stuff) but he is also impressively insightful, analytical, candid and... who would have guessed it? NICE!

I'm working on a post for Social Media Week Chicago regarding the content of the talk, so I will post that link here (when it gets reviewed/approved) in case you are interested. HOWEVER, I just wanted to gush here (on the "filterless blog", if you will ;)) about his PERSONALITY! He was not only so obviously intelligent and well-spoken, but I honestly cannot believe how FRIENDLY he was! He didn't even blink an eye when I basically accosted him for a picture (Duh. Did you think I would do anything else?)!

Total winner in my book. Well, ALMOST. I mean, I still know what kind of lifestyle he leads...

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