Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Visit to CNN... Excuse Me, Atlanta

I guess when most people think of Atlanta, the first thing that would come to mind is HOTlanta.

Not me. Nah. When I think of Atlanta, I think of... CNN! Naturally, right?

This weekend, I made a trip to Atlanta to reunite with some good friends. GOD, aren't reunions only the best things EVER? The weekend seemed like it was going to be jam-PACKED with activities, so I figured there wouldn't be enough time to really explore downtown.

Until, that is, my friend (Nnenna) offhandedly mentioned her (multiple) experiences touring the CNN headquarters. I didn't mean to, but quite frankly, would you expect anything BUT a reaction filled with spirit fingers and a (slight) shortness of breath?

I. Don't. Think. So.

Needless to say, after Nnenna realized THAT was my reaction to her CNN tour experience, she arranged our Sunday activities to... voila! Conveniently end up at the CNN headquarters, ready and waiting for a Sunday afternoon tour!

Weeeee! Let the adventure begin!! Just seeing the CNN logo on the building made my heart go pitter patter... can you tell? At all?

Oh, how the CNN headquarters did NOT disappoint! The grandeur, the American flag, the big ol' globe... lskdjfdlkfjs!

I just couldn't get enough. CNN steals my heart at 4 years old, CNN steals my heart for life.

It was so interesting to learn a bit about the ongoing behind-the-scenes activities. Nowadays, there's so much TECHNOLOGY involved that it never ceases to amaze me. Two of the more interesting things I picked up along the tour:

1. CNN weather reporters use digital screens to do weather reports, etc. As compared to those (seemingly antiquated) green screens that local news stations still use, to vaguely wave in a general direction to "pinpoint" regional weather patterns. These local news stations really need to jump on this digital screen bandwagon. So much more accurate, so much less ridiculous-looking!

2. NOW I know how news anchors always look like they are looking directly into the camera, despite reading the teleprompter... it's because they ARE. I figured there was some technological component behind it that I wasn't aware of, and I was right. It was so cool to see the "dual-functioning" camera that runs a teleprompter while simultaneously holding a lens directly behind the teleprompter to provide video feed to the audience.

The tour included all kinds of behind-the-scenes stops, but my heart jumped a little when we stopped by...

Where all the magic happens, if you will.

Well, okay, my heart also jumped more than a little when we saw Don Lemon doing the Sunday afternoon broadcast, but hey. We couldn't take pictures of THAT. Sigh, the memories.

Oh, how it WAS the most delightful of days. A great day with friends, a tour of the world-renowned CNN headquarters AND an opportunity to "practice" my news anchor skills*...

I mean, if that doesn't scream "CNN natural", I simply don't know what does. Shameless, I know.

*Thanks, Kodak!

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