Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Cosby Show - Timelessness Epitomized

Sigh. I made sure to pre-coordinate this week's post-work activities to ensure that I was as free as a bird tonight. After all, I already knew I had at LEAST two whole hours of DVR to which to commit, since I was already sad enough that I couldn't catch the LIVE version of Meredith Vieira's last day on Today.

While I was joking with some folks earlier today about likely tearing up while watching my DVR this evening, I didn't think it would turn into some out-and-out SOBfest! What the heck. I know I adore the Meredith (who doesn't?), but I had no idea that the adoration had reached tearjerker level. I have no idea whether it was Meredith herself, the lovely farewell-fest the Today show put together, seeing the others crying (I'm such a sucker- if I see someone, ANYone crying, I automatically start tearing up as well)...

Whatever the case, talk about needing some serious cheering up after the fact. But... I guess that's the whole problem with making sure your entire night is clear for your DVR. What else could I do to distract myself, let alone cheer myself up?

God, that DVR. What in heaven's name did I ever do without it?

You better believe I immediately DVR'ed my way on over to...

I mean, if the ladies of The View can't cheer you up, who really can? I know, I know- so many people would beg to differ. But I stand firm... I LOVE THE VIEW! I have loved them since their origins almost 15 years ago (YES, they are JUST that GOOD!)!!! I mean, if you can't count on Sherri, Joy, Whoopi and Elizabeth to make you laugh, what can you really count on?

Yeah. So much for that theory. Because of course, of COURSE, their first Hot Topic was regarding Meredith's grand farewell on the Today show. Not only would it be a Hot Topic in general since it's a headliner of a story, but it particularly holds a special spot in Joy's heart since Meredith was ON The View with Joy prior to switching over to Today.

Needless to say, watching the first few minutes of The View certainly did NOT accomplish the cheering up I so needed from my Meredith withdrawal. Even JOY teared up at the Today show farewell, and I can't ever imagine her crying. I quickly needed a change...

Thank GOD I've started DVR'ing The Cosby Show over the past week. Best. Decision. Ever. With the departure of Oprah, I've realized that I have a WHOLE lot more space on my DVR and I'm such a fan of having the TV on as background noise on occasion. So, I had the brilliant idea of starting to DVR some of my old favorites (you know, shows from the '80s, when there were some seriously LEGIT sitcoms going on), since I'm not the biggest fan of primetime TV nowadays.

UMMM!!!! I haven't watched an episode of The Cosby Show in SO LONG and watching this episode TOTALLY did the trick! Almost immediately, I was giggling at Rudy's shenanigans (it was the one where she totally has a crush on this boy in her class, Clarence... awww!) and literally BURSTING out laughing at some of Cliff and Clair's banter (are they NOT the most perfect item, EVER... let's be honest here).

I can't believe how a simple episode from 25 YEARS AGO can STILL make me laugh aloud, when just minutes ago, I had been sobfesting it up with the Today Show farewell. Timeless, really.

Needless to say, I am absolutely DELIGHTED that I've decided to take it upon myself to rediscover old classics in this technological, DVR-driven day and age (not that I'm complaining!!).

It actually got me thinking about my absolute FAVORITE Cosby Show episodes (the one where the Huxtables treat Theo to "the real world", the one where Denise introduces her HUSBAND and Olivia to Cliff/Clair with "Mom! I'm a MOM!" (hahahahah!!), the one where Vanessa gets drunk... amongst others, obvi) and got me all excited in hopes that these'll be caught on my DVR in the VERY near future! Not only that, but NOW, I'm kind of wondering what OTHER sitcoms I can start DVR'ing... Fresh Prince, Full House, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss? GOD, were the late '80s, early '90s legit or WHAT?

So, I guess this defeats the whole purpose of gaining a lot more non-DVR watching free time now that Oprah is no longer dominating my DVR, but WHATEVER! Who can say no to some good, ol' fashioned late '80s, early '90s television??

No one can.

And HEAVENS, no one ever SHOULD.

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