Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twitter, Retweets and the TODAY SHOW!!

So I joined Twitter a couple of months ago, per some strong encouragement by the one and only Evan Fleming (yes, I will reference him each and everytime I blog about Twitter... giving credit where credit is due and all that). Anyway, for full details about my initial Twitter experience, please refer to the blog post "I'm on Twitter... now what?"(http://bit.ly/ii2XZc) .

I was initially hesitant even to join Twitter. First off, I didn't really understand the point - I mean, who CARES about a nonstop list of status updates of a bunch of random people/places? Not only that, but MAN, it takes some WORK to upstart/maintain your Twitter world. Like... finding people/places to follow, getting people/places to follow you, updating your tweets on a regular basis... who's got the time, really? I, for one, have my DVR on which to catch up! Haha... just kidding... now that Oprah's no longer on, my DVR has surprisingly cleared up rather quickly...

Anyway! Then today happened (no pun intended!).

And my whole Twitter perspective did a complete 180.

First off, I just have to say... it is nothing short of amazing what can happen once you start tweeting on a regular basis!! Granted, most of my tweets are pointless tidbits about my life and/or retweets of interesting articles that others are posting. And sure, I would occasionally get retweeted or mentioned (mostly by my friends), which does make my heart go all a'flutter, not going to lie.

But... why, hello there, TODAY (no pun intended, again... haha), June 7, 2011... a day I shall remember for the rest of my days. Let's just say the heart fluttering went into full-blown coronary mode when, literally one minute after posting a response to the Today Show's tweet about submitting your favorite Meredith Vieira moment (#MeredithMoment), I had THIS pop up in my Inbox....

Now, I don't know about YOU, but it is NOT everyday that the TODAY SHOW POPS UP IN MY INBOXsljfakdsjflkajdsflkjLKJ!L!!l I genuinely thought I was hallucinating for a second (yes, I do get that excited about things), but you know me... QA, QA, QA! Hahaha. You better believe that as soon as I saw that pop up, I Alt+Tabbed (God, I'm such a nerd) on over to my Twitter homepage to confirm. And would you look at that?

Right there on the Twitter homepage!!lkajflksjdf!!!

Maliyacular and the TODAY SHOW SIDE BY SIDE!!!!! A vision of the future, if you will... GOD CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!

Sigh. And there went my productivity levels for the day. Hahaha. I just couldn't stop thinking about how MAGICAL Twitter is... there I was all disappointed that The Today Show didn't air my interview regarding the taping of the Oprah finale, when lo and beHOLD, the magical world of Twitter totally dissolved ANY Today Show animosity that previously existed (which, let's be honest, was not very much anyway... who am I kidding- I LOVE THE TODAY SHOW!!).

And you know what made this whole first-time-being-tweeted-by-a-celebrity experience even better?

The fact that they retweeted something I genuinely did care about! From her days on The View (that's right, I was still shameless back in the day and totally snagged a photo with her during a commercial break for a taping of The View) to her days on Today, I have been an ardent Meredith Vieira supporter. As I told her when I met her... she is one of my idols (okay, okay, so I really have no shame... and no FILTER... when it comes to talking to celebrities!). Seriously, though, she possesses the perfect balance of knowledge, personableness, charisma and... well, craziness! WHO are we kidding here? She totally brightened up my mornings with her naturally zany nature. Anyway, while I'm sad she won't be part of my morning Today Show-watching routine any longer, I'm excited for whatever else she has in store... she hasn't let me down yet, why would she start now?

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