Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 7 - Dubrovnik, By Way of Kayak, Buza and of course, STEPS!

Thursday started off with a pre-planned half-day kayak tour in the morning. Let the outdoorsy activities continue, I guess...

I was more than a little terrified of this whole kayaking thing - the last time I'd been on a kayak was when I was up in Seattle... the person I was with ended up PUKING in the water, because he basically had to do all the work to support a kayak of two people. Sigh. What can I say? I'm a weakling.

Given THAT scarring experience, I can safely say that I was NOT really looking forward to this whole kayaking experience. But everyone else was doing it... mob mentality and all that, I guess. We ended up kayaking (through some PRETTY TREACHEROUS WATER, I might add) to a couple of caves, which were pretty...

You would never know how terrified I was after kayaking through those treacherous waters...

We ended up getting a chance to get out of our kayaks and play in the water for a little bit... I'm not the strongest of swimmers so I have more of a fear of water than an average individual. However, I had full faith in my life vest so I decided to venture in... despite those treacherous waters.

Before I knew it, our kayak tour was coming to an end! While our kayak guide was chill, he was definitely no Ivica in terms of knowledge / articulateness / etc. Oh well, he did end up as Gillian's kayak partner / buddy, so I'll give him some credit.

After kayaking, our group split up again (this was, in case you can't tell, pretty common throughout the trip, given how many people were in our posse). A few of us ended up walking over to the ever-famed Buza Bar, which is basically a bar that is right on the water. We ended up parking it there for much of the afternoon because... well, because it was pretty much perfect.

There aren't too many rules and regulations in Croatia (we were quickly finding out), so people are pretty much allowed to jump off of WHEREVER to get themselves into the water. I mean, look at these guys!

Cara and Gillian ended up jumping in as well for a bit...

And of course, it wouldn't be a seaside bar without... well, fun beverages!

Once we were done with a couple of hours at Buza Bar, we decided to head back to the apartment to shower, change and get ready for dinner. Gillian and Laura decided to take a bus back to the apartment (smart ladies) but... well, Cara and I decided to walk back to the apartment. So, you know what that means, my friends...

Steps galore!

Clearly, this left a scarring lasting impression on me, given my many (many) references to our sojourns to the apartment throughout my blog posts.

All good though. We ended up back at the apartment with plenty of time to shower and change before heading out for dinner. The girls had made reservations at this place called Taj Mahal... an ironic name considering it was a Bosnian restaurant, no? But alas, we'd heard great things about this place so were quite excited to check it out!

Check out how TANNNN we all ARRRRE!!!! So, so exciting! And what a great way to end our night! Some Bosnian food to prepare ourselves for our next day... which included a sojourn to Bosnia-Herzegovinia, itself!

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