Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Have Officially Pinpointed What I'm Meant to Do With My Life

As many of you are aware, I tend to dream big.

In the seemingly neverending quest to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be doing with my life, I've already determined that I'm meant to be a talk show host or a news anchor... anything that involves getting to hear people's stories, let's be honest here.

Although I raise this dream in a slightly joking manner with many people in my life (many = all, in this instance), I'm also quite serious. If there's one thing I've learned in my 20s, it's this: It's great to have a solid career- I am entirely grateful for the career path I've developed to-date. But if you really want to have the most fulfilling life possible, you really ought to take a step back, pinpoint your true interests and passions and determine how you can reasonably pursue those interests by leveraging the skill sets and qualities that you have to offer.

Deep, I know.

Anyway, while I actively discuss my hopes and dreams of becoming a talk show host or news anchor with any/everyone, I feel like I need to take a step back and at least outline some tangible, attainable milestones that can be used to track my progress to this dream goal of mine. (Talk about taking a consultant approach to this whole effort... next thing you know, I'll be creating a Powerpoint slide outlining my step-by-step approach to achieving this goal... a Gantt chart, if you will.)

Just this afternoon, I was watching a couple of DVR'ed OWN shows- one being one of Oprah's Life Class episodes and another being TV Guide's Top 25 Oprah Moments. The Life Class episode was about "joy rising"... it's such an amazing, uplifting episode that really just makes you want to get out there and give anyone in a difficult situation ANYthing they need (including a big, fat HUG). Similarly, at least one of TV Guide's Top 25 Oprah Moments involved surprising individuals going through difficult situations.

It's by watching these snippets that I've more specifically pinpointed what I would like to focus on should I ever have a broader reach/presence (and/or available funding). I think giving people going through tough situations useful, meaningful surprises would legitimately be the ultimate dream job of mine. Honestly, it's hard to describe the sheer joy I get out of watching some of these snippets (either on Oprah reruns or on Ellen). I mean, hearing these individuals' stories of hardships and struggles never fails to put my own "problems" into perspective. And then seeing the pure, unadulterated JOY that they express in their own unique ways when presented with their respective surprises... God, I know these people are complete and total strangers, but my heart still gives a little leap just knowing that, for at LEAST that moment in time, their lives are just that much better.

I have to say, I think Oprah and Ellen have transformed television talk shows in that regard. They have clearly demonstrated their true passion to leverage their means and celebrity for the greater good of society. Actually, come to think of it, I sure hope Katie Couric does similar types of things on her new show (I mean, I'm assuming she would... surprising people with random acts of kindness? If that doesn't scream Kaite Couric, I just don't know what does.)

And that, my friends, brings me to my new dream job/goal. Since the Katie show is still in its infancy, there is so much opportunity for growth and expansion and, quite frankly, I think this type of segment would be so fitting for her show. So that's my goal. To become a special correspondent for the Katie show- specifically, I want to hear compelling stories of people/communities in need and be tasked with the act of surprising people in their homes/schools/local communities/etc.

My heart just went all a'flutter at the prospect. I mean, anyone who knows me knows I get a natural high off of being around people. But to be able to SURPRISE people with random acts of kindness? Seriously, I don't know how I'd be able to contain my excitement. (I'm envisioning my role to be similar to the role of Jeannie (sp?) on Ellen's show or Gayle on Oprah's show.) Hell, I'd even VOLUNTEER to do this kind of thing!!

Oh man, now that I've more specifically determined what I'm meant to be doing with my life, I can't stop thinking about how I'm actually going to make this happen. Baby steps here, people...

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