Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here's to You, Biscoff Butter

So I have a guilty little secret.

You know how plane food is notoriously disgusting (if even existent, given how stingy airlines are nowadays)? I'm right with ya... I'm not a picky eater by any means, but you really just can't get plane food right by any stretch of the imagination.

With one exception.

Now, I don't fly Delta all too often, but the few times that I have... well, I've discovered a random little silver lining in the world of airline food.

Have you guys ever had Biscoff cookies? Delta hands out little packages (with two mini cookies in each package) on most of their flights, I believe.

I. Am. Slightly obsessed. With them. Without fail, I always help myself to one little package of cookies when the stewardess comes around the first time... aaaand then proceed to shamelessly stalk the stewardess throughout the flight with just a few friendly follow-up inquiries for "just a couple more packages of those sweet little cookies you were passing out earlier".

Hey, at least I'm friendly and innocent. It helps things out quite a bit, if you will.

Anyway, if you haven't had Biscoff cookies before and you don't really fly Delta all too often, not to fear! Just recently (and by recently, I mean a few years ago, because quite frankly, when it comes to something as important as cookies, I do my research), I discovered that they SELL those cookies at GROCERY STORES!!! Each time I go home to Cincinnati, you better believe I stalk my neighborhood Meijer for package after package of those dear sweet little Biscoff cookies.

I mean, my GOD. If you've ever had these before, you'll totally understand the (slight) obsession. So sweet, so delicious... happiness in a cookie, if you will.

Given my love of the Biscoff cookie, you can only imagine my jaw-dropping DELIGHT when I learned that the land of Biscoff has expanded to... Biscoff butter.

OMG, I just tried typing a few sentences and just had to keep deleting them because they were nothing but frenzied, spirit-fingery nonsense. In short, BISCOFF BUTTER IS ONE OF THE GREATEST CREATIONS IN ALL THE LAND.

I have been DYING to try Biscoff butter for like the past year or so, when I first heard about it through a blog I stalk follow. I'd originally heard that Biscoff butter was only sold at places like World Market (which I never really go to), but each time I went to any other grocery store,  I would be keeping my eyes peeled. But to no avail, to say the least. For the life of me, I could NOT track this stuff down ANYWHERE I shopped (okay, granted, I could've branched outta the world of Trader Joe's for a bit, but whatever).

Anyway, imagine my utter DELIGHT when I go home to Cincinnati last weekend... only to discover that my mom had seen the Biscoff butter at our neighborhood grocery store and thought it looked "interesting". I can safely say that "freaking out" didn't even begin to describe my reaction when I spotted the stuff right in my family's kitchen. Let me just tell you... it took NO time at all for me to take a spoon to that jar of Biscoff butter sitting right on my family's kitchen island. And even less time than that to help myself to a second... and sure, maybe a third heaping spoonful.

Oh my God, you guys just don't understand. This stuff is everything I hoped and DREAMED it to be... and more!!! It looks exactly like peanut butter (which I am also slightly obsessed with and can eat by the straight up spoonful... God, yeah), but hooooooly mother, move OVER, peanut butter, you have got some LEGIT COMPETITION!! Biscoff butter, while similar in consistency to peanut butter, is MUCH sweeter than peanut butter... it's more of a cookie butter* than anything else. AND you can choose between a crunchy variety or a creamy variety. Since I love crunchy peanut butter over creamy, I figured the same would hold true for crunchy Biscoff butter over creamy.

Well, I can't even compare, because I've only just begun my Biscoff butter sojourn and only tried the crunchy variety thus far. And holy mother, it's everything I could possibly imagine it to be... it's not crunchy like crunchy peanut butter, but rather, more like a grainy type of spread... it's basically Biscoff crumbs mashed into the spread itself.


You better believe I currently have two containers of crunchy Biscoff butter sitting in my kitchen cupboard because I DEFINITELY hit up the local grocery store when I was in Cincinnati so I could stock up for my Chicago apartment.

AND!! It was on sale and everything!! Bonus time!!! It was just meant to be, if you will.

Seriously, guys. I HIGHLY recommend you go to your neighborhood grocery store and find yourself some Biscoff butter. You will NOT regret your OWN decision to "take a spoon to the Biscoff butter", as dainty as ladylike as I made this experience out to be.

*Have you guys tried Trader Joe's cookie butter before? HOLY MOTHER, before I discovered the wonders and glories of Biscoff butter, Trader Joe's cookie butter sufficed... and do NOT get me wrong, Trader Joe's cookie butter is one of the most heavenly things ever to grace this fine planet we call Mother Earth. Second only to Biscoff butter, if you will...

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