Sunday, May 20, 2012

Am I the Only Chicagoan Enjoying NATO Being Here?

As last week unfolded, the buzz around the NATO Summit happening in Chicago this week quickly escalated. You know me and these kinds of affairs...

I. Am in. My element.

THE PICTURE OF MY DREAMS at the Clinton Global Initiative, 2006

Seriously, I felt like I was one of the Clinton family.

OMG- meeting John Prendergast at the Clinton Global Initiative! He. Is one of my. Idols. (And honestly, not that bad looking for a middle-aged man! I mean, look at that smile! Look at those crinkly eyes! Sigh. Anyway. You know I'm right.... right? Hahah.)

Kofi Annan. Don't ask how I got this close to the stage. Just... don't ask.

Meeting Madeleine Albright!!! Well, okay, so by this point at the Clinton Global Initiative, I'd already met her... but I couldn't exactly have snapped a picture of us pee'ing in side-by-side restroom stalls earlier in the week... which is definitely how I did initially meet her. True story- I mean, you really think I'd make this sh*t up?!!?

That's right- hello, Prince Charles. I actually don't think I speak of seeing him speak at the UN General Assembly while I was in Geneva, but oh well. It was interesting enough, I guess. I think the above events kind of trumped this one, sadly.
In case you can't tell... I live for these kinds of events!!! Not only are celebs RIGHT at your fingertips, but you just get this sensation that there is so much GOOD happening right before your very eyes amongst some of the world's leading figures. As much slack as we give any and every public figure, you have to admit, some of these people are S-M-A-R-T. And have such motivation to drive the world in a better direction. Talk about inspiration, personified. It really is one of those things that makes me SO PROUD to be an American, not to mention a citizen of the world, if you will.

Sigh. A moment, if you will.

That's why, as the buzz began escalating last week, I was getting a little confused as I was speaking more and more about it with some fellow Chicagoans. I mean, all I could really hear was resentment and annoyance that this NATO Summit was taking place in Chicago. To be perfectly honest, I simply didn't understand what all this negativity was about.

Sure, there may be a little disruption with traffic and your daily activities, but well... it's just for a few days. And think of how much GOOD is being done in the world in these next few days as our world leaders are gathering together. I mean, there are so many issues in the world... I can't help but think that, if well run, these kinds of forums can only serve to move the world forward with positive, peaceful momentum.

And let's be honest here. With the Obamas at the helm of things, you can't expect things to be anything but well-planned. They are just so GOOD at this kind of thing... balancing a perfect amount of work and play. Even today, while all the world leaders were gathering together with Barack, Michelle was taking it upon herself to educate all the SPOUSES of the world leaders with a tour of one of Chicago's South Side youth centers.

Isn't she the absolute BEST? Seriously. This is exactly the kind of thing I would like to do if I were a world leader's spouse. Engage with others in the same position to actually take advantage of the power that we have as a world leader's spouse to educate ourselves and better the world in our own way. Wouldn't that be AMAZING?!

In short- yes. It would be. This is exactly why people like Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are people I somewhat idolize. They just kept on raising the bar of what women in power (but not necessarily in the "official" leadership role) are capable of achieving. And I totally think I'm capable of doing this kind of thing... I mean, I already know the primary causes I would be focused on (national: the US education system; international: raising awareness and working to eliminate acts of genocide)... obviously, there are several more causes I would dabble in, but these would be my primary two.

Anyway, I clearly digress.

Back to the point- I simply think people need to just RELAX with all their animosity towards the NATO Summit being in Chicago. It'll be over before people know it and, quite frankly, the Chicago police department has their sh*t together... so all these protests going down? Honestly, no problem. The Chicago police will figure it out! I have 100% faith. No, seriously! I think they've got their system down pat!

What can I say? Everyone knows I'm a strong proponent of ACTIVELY advertising any and everything I loooooove,  and you better believe this is NO EXCEPTION. I just f'ing love Chicago SO MUCH. I think Chicago is simply the greatest city in which to live in the continental United States and deserves to be recognized at a global level.

Don't let me down, Chicago! That's all I ask.

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