Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Class?! YES, PLEASE!

After a long week traveling for work, the last thing ANYONE wants to hear is that their flight is delayed. Talk about the buzzkill to end all buzzkills, really. Of course, if you are flying back into Chicago's O'Hare airport on anything BUT Southwest*, you KNOW that the likelihood of a delay is more than inevitable.

Alas, this is what I get for following the crowd (read: my team) and flying United. I'd checked in to my 5 PM flight and gotten my 2E seat with the usual lackadaisical fanfare. I just figured this was one of those tiny planes where you can pretty much feel the propellers all along the way, but I didn't care as long as I was near the front so I could peace outta that plane once it hit ground.

A seat's a seat- I just wanted to get HOME (which, to be honest, was slightly questionable considering Chicago had its first snow of the season today...). When we got to the airport and found out our flight was delayed by an hour, I actually wasn't too put off- I mean, I'm a seasoned enough traveler to expect SOME sort of delay flying in and out of O'Hare, who are we kidding here?

As my teammates and I were chilling in the airport, I brought up how delighted I was with my second row seat... you better believe I was going to be ready and SET to peace outta that plane the instant it landed! It was only through this conversation that one of my teammates mentioned that the plane was, in fact, one of the larger planes and not one of those tiny little planes like I'd previously expected.

And that's when the lightbulber went off... I. Had totally. Gotten. A FIRST CLASS SEATlkjfsakdjlkfjsl!!!!

I honestly could not contain myself!! I don't know HOW this happened, aside from the fact that I had booked my flight super last minute and some sort of plane angel just had to be looking down upon me at that moment in time. I mean, I've never flown first-class before! I had no idea what to expect!! If I'd KNOWN such a momentous occasion was going to be happening, I would've totally dressed in my Sunday best for the experience! Duh.

Instead... I just shamelessly took pictures to document this entire experience. Whatever, I turned my flash off so hopefully no one really noticed (HA- because discretion is my middle name? PLEASE. Oh well).

First class is NO JOKE. My experience started with me quickly shoveling away my luggage in order to quickly get cozy in...

Heaven in a seat. I mean, can it GET any plusher? Any cozier?

Even before the flight took off, the stewardess came around asking the first-class people for beverage orders. Ummm... I don't even really LIKE wine all that much, but I figured I simply HAD to order some... to get the full first-class experience (or something like that).

I felt so refined, so high-class (well, as high-class as I could get sporting my puffy Gap vest rather than my Sunday best... SIGH)... so SHAMELESS. Yes, my friends. I certainly did ask the random businessman sitting next to me (who, quite frankly, looked like he was going to fall asleep... but whatever- shamelessness has no bounds, after all) to take my picture!

All in the name of documentation. You're welcome in advance.

And to think- all that over-stimulation happened BEFORE the flight even took OFF! Okay, sure, I didn't exactly get to enjoy my entire glass of wine (well, what? How was I supposed to know that the stewardess would come through and snatch up the cups before takeoff?), but it was more the thought that counts, right? Right.

Once we were nice and turbulent-y in the air, the stewardess came around with cashews and another beverage order. I settled for water this time (gotta stay hydrated!) and reached for a cashew... but lo and behold! These weren't just ordinary cashews! These cashews were PIPING HOT!!!!

Ummm!! All I have to say is it's amazing what heating up some cashews can do to the experience of eating cashews. A-maze.

I swear, the food wouldn't stop COMING! Once those cashews were devoured, the stewardess whisked up the empty little dish in order to place... dinner on my tray! What the heck! I can't even remember the last time I was served a meal on a plane! But check out this meal! It was no. joke.

So colorful! So... well-balanced! You would think that would be it... but no. What dinner wouldn't be complete without a dessert, after all?

Just like those cashews, this cookie was piping hot and everything. Need I say more?

God, this seriously was one of the best flights ever... delays and all. Normally, I tend to nap on flights just to make the time go by faster but not today. Today, you better believe I was wide awake to fully cherish every single moment of my first class experience.

I can safely say that I am now officially spoiled rotten.

*Just a friendly FYI: I'm a die-hard Southwest supporter. I actively advertise just how splendid and delightful of an airline they are to pretty much any and everyone. Any airline that promotes rapping stewards to enhance your flight experience is a complete and total winner in my book.

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