Monday, November 14, 2011

Do You Oovoo?

Have you guys heard of Oovoo before? I certainly hadn't until... well, yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago, my company sent out an "all company" email indicating that, in honor of an all company meeting coming up in a few weeks, we were encouraged to submit videos of ourselves speaking to what the company means to us in three words, ten seconds.

For those of you who know me, all you had to read was the line "submit a video of yourself" and you KNOW I got right ON THAT PUPPY!!! Well, WHAT?! My company is pretty large and spans the country!! Who knows who could be watching and... weeee!!! DISCOVER ME?!?!

Naturally, I'm sure this is the thought process of most persons who would read such an email. All kidding aside, I certainly DID email a couple of my friends who are on opposite ends of the country with the prospect of doing a group video... and, well, thank God they are as shameless as I am, because... wowza! I wasn't expecting such enthusiastic responses! (Okay, this may be a point of SLIGHT exaggeration, but only a SLIGHT one! They really were excited!!I think.)

Anyway! After the respective parties had agreed to this "event", if you will, I went to town trying to figure out the appropriate technologies to utilize for this cross-national video extravaganza. Skype was the first option, but GOD! There are so many additional apps that you would need to download to display video, video record, etc.* F that!

Next up: Oovoo... I know, right? What kind of name IS that? Ironically, I hadn't heard of this thing until just yesterday and now I'm so actively advertising it, it's not even funny. I have only my dearest twinster, Mars Bars (formal name: Maria), to thank for introducing me to this wonderful source of technology. You can video record with up to six people for free! Screw actual person-to-person parties anymore! Oovoo is the new party for the digital age, if you will...

Okay, another slight exaggeration. But whatever- it certainly was the closest thing that came to a party today, when I was in my office, and had the brilliant idea of testing out my very first Oovoo experience with the one and only Maria herself! I was so delighted when Maria responded to my text, indicating her willingness to help me navigate this Oovoo thing this afternoon... not only was it an opportunity to test out this wonderful work of technology but HELLO! TWINSTER REUNION!!!!!

And, oh sigh. What a reunion it was. I literally got SO EXCITED when I saw Maria's face pop up on my computer screen!! And thank GOD I'd moved into a conference room for this, because you better BELIEVE no reunion would be complete (virtual or otherwise) without the standard squealing, giggling, general chit-chatting.

I can't get over how much this delightful experience MADE my DAY!!! I was initially going to post our "test" video but realized a couple of things:

1. I ended up recording essentially ALL of our reunion, rather than just a portion of it (like I had thought), and there is no way you are going to listen to our conversation in its entirety.

2. Since Internet security is my middle name, I wasn't sure about posting something like this video without Maria's consent. I mean, we are fairly shameless people, but within the fine bounds of Internet security. Obvi.

3. Let's be honest, I look like a TRAIN WRECK today! (So I didn't have time to straighten my hair this morning, so sue me.) Granted, I normally couldn't care less what I look like (so long as those pearly whites are preserved haha), but this is different... if I posted this video for all the world to see, who knows when it could come back to haunt me? I mean, for all I know, I could end up on Ellen someday and she'll just showcase this as a "Before She Was Famous" type of dealio. But I digress.

Anyway! I would highly, highly recommend this application if you're not already using something that you are attached to (like Skype). The video quality is fab and SIGH- it's the perfect forum for REUNIONS!!! THANKS, TWINSTER!

*Special thanks to Hazel for assisting in this effort as well. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your additional Skype research- you are a GEM!

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