Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween, 2011 - A Success Story

I love Halloween!

I used to strongly dislike Halloween, because it just seems like an opportunity for people to get annoyingly crazy, creepy and/or skankified. However, over the past few years, that mentality has totally changed, because, quite frankly, I have had some F-U-N Halloweens these past few years.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still don't exactly enjoy the act of dressing up. Quite frankly, I think it's a waste of money to invest in a costume that you will be wearing approximately one time. MY approach to the Halloween costume is twofold:

1. If you can't re-wear the outfit, then it is so NOT a worthwhile investment.
2. You know, if you do "have" to dress up for Halloween, you might as well be comfortable, right? After all, it's the one night of the year that you can go out to your favorite bar/club in sweats and have it be socially acceptable.

Let's just say I have embraced these two points to the fullest extent possible.

If you read my above-referenced "Halloweens of years past" post, you'll know that, because of the minimal effort I put into my costumes, people often have a hard time figuring out what the heck I "am". For instance, the one year I was a cowgirl, people mistook me for Aunt Jemima and/or a slave. Another year, I dressed up as "ghetto" and people mistook me for an '80s workout girl.

God. I just can't take the humiliation anymore (ahh, the melodrama. Hahaha). This year, I was bound and determined to "fine-tune" my "ghetto" costume with an investment in Adidas workout pants. Now, I know this goes against my whole cheapness rule (because, MAN! Adidas pants are EX-pensive!) but hey. I heard that this was totally going to make the costume work itself out. Next, I borrowed a big ol' blingin' gold dollar-sign chain and dollar-sign ring from my friend, Jay. Jay has (successfully!) been a pimp and an early 90s rapper in his Halloweens past, so I am incredibly grateful for his help in supplementing my poor excuse for a ghetto costume.

So, there I went, Halloween night- Adidas pants, a white tank top layered with a gray tank top, and the BLING! Yesss!! I was tempted to put on a backwards baseball cap, but I didn't plan enough ahead of time to ask to borrow one (and please- you think I OWN any baseball caps?).

It turns out... I totally didn't need it! I walk into this house party and one girl was like "Are you Run DMC?" OMG, I wanted to give her a giant hug. That was all it took to make my NIGHT!! Sure, I wasn't exactly GOING for Run DMC, but it was in the same general territory as ghetto, right?? So much more in the same general territory than, say, an 80s fitness instructor...

Not only that, BUT!!! Once the drinks were a'flowing a bit, I got up the nerve to demonstrate my "ghetto walk". Now, here's the thing about the walk. Those individuals who have seen my ghetto walk in years past often just... well, laugh in my face. I simply don't understand why. I think I'm very good at the walk! I mean, what? All you have to do is limp, right?

Sigh. I guess there's a little more to it, and you would think that after people tell me that I look like I've just been SHOT, I would give up on the walk. But heck no! I still stand firm that my ghetto walk is one of the best of its kind. Quality, if you will. Whatever... in any event! My walk was actually greeted with much support (and/or a little bit of laughter, but oh well) this fine Halloween night. (Sure, the world was QUITE a merrier place after a couple of drinks, so maybe the supportive nature of my audience was all in my head, but oh well. Just go with it.)

Thank goodness the costume was such a sweet success last night! I'm not going to lie... I'd printed out the lyrics to my favorite rap song (Jay-Z's Big Pimpin') so I could spit some rhyme (hahahaha is that the right phrase?!?!?) intermittently throughout the night on an as-needed basis. Sure, I was a little disappointed that I didn't actually DO so (I don't know why I'm going to admit this, but I certainly did practice the rap earlier this week... never again can people say I don't exert enough effort into my Halloween costume), but I guess... well, for another time.

Overall... this Halloween? Another one for the books! It was so NICE to reunite with a few of my favorite girls and just make merry with the rest of the people at this fine Halloween house party... much of whom was from the grand home state, of all places!! Wahoo! I mean, let's be honest- how can you go wrong when you have a bunch of Ohioans together? Sigh. Ohio love.

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  1. you are awesome.....remember your jam "shaniqua don't live here no mo"...that's what i thought of when you brought up the jemima and jay-z were so ghetto 10 years ago haha

    xoxo, Nicole