Friday, July 15, 2011

Dance Party Time!

Who doesn't love quintessential Chicago summer evenings? Yesterday was nothing short of that. Perfect sunshiney goodness, perfect gentle breeze, perfect LACK OF HUMIDITY... you couldn't ask for anything better.

I ended up going to Millennium Park to hear this band that a couple of my friends wanted to check out. Since I'm not the biggest music person, I was tempted to nix the outing and go with my previously scheduled plans. Those thoughts of hesitation quickly flew out the window when I heard that the band was called... Funkadesi. Well, OBVI, there was no way I could say no to THAT.

I'd never heard of this group before, but one of my friends had heard a-mazing things about them. Quite frankly, I just couldn't wait to see what people who were willing to go with a band name like Funkadesi looked like. Haha.

So, off to Millennium Park we went! I wasn't at ALL surprised with the brilliant turnout it had.

I mean, Millennium Park is well-known for their fine array of outdoor events during the utopia that can only be Chicago summers. And with such a GORGEOUS evening ahead of us (after a pretty rough start to summer, let's be honest)? Well, if there WASN'T a good turnout, I would have been a bit flabbergasted.

Up first? You guessed it... Funkadesi.

Unsurprisingly, I was delighted with the music. I say "unsurprisingly" for two reasons: 1. I'm not all too particular about the music I like... meaning I like pretty much everything and 2. How can music really be bad if you mix in some Indian beats? Seriously.

The fact that Funkadesi totally got the crowd to learn how to "bhangra" (a traditional Indian dance that 100% exudes energy, flair and FUN!) was only brownie points. They'd quickly won me over within their first few minutes of music.

Delightfully enough, ANOTHER band was performing right after Funkadesi! And... would you look at that? It was a Cuban band! Sigh. Totally brought back memories of a certain vacation...

I love Cuban music! I think it's primarily because I love Cuban DANCING!! So festive, so MERRY! Granted, I have pretty much no rhythm, so maybe I should clarify that I love watching Cuban dancing moreso than actually partaking in it myself...

Let's just say it literally took no time at ALL to get the crowd on their feet, swinging their hips and doing some seriously fancy footwork. It was one of the more festive public events I've witnessed... since, well, that Oprah Flash Mob Experience which I was part of a couple of years ago (that's right, a claim to fame if ever I had one). I couldn't BELIEVE how many people were getting into it!

Seriously. Don't these last two pictures just make you want to get up and DANCE?! Come on, go for it! No one will judge you... not at all.

What more can be said? All in all... just pretty much one perfect Chicago summer evening.

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