Monday, May 16, 2011

Couponing Caribou Christie... at your SERVICE!

so, yet again, the saga continues. how can i get better at saving money in my life? well, after talking to my sister yesterday, i realized just how ridiculous it sounds that i tend to not only buy coffee every single morning when i don't even like the taste of coffee, but i tend to buy STARBUCKS coffee of all things. i mean, if i don't even like the taste of coffee but for some subconscious reason "HAVE" to drink it every single morning, i might as well at least opt for the cheap stuff.

but alas. here i am. still choking down coffee even though i don't really like the taste (in my defense, i just like having something warm in the morning!) and still buying it from starbucks because it's like right across the street.

well, after my conversation with my sister yesterday, she totally convinced me just how nonsensical i am (in this regard... in every other regard, i TOTALLY make sense. obvi. haha yeah right) and made me realize just how MUCH money i was actually wasting. so i woke up this morning with new resolve to just nix the morning coffee habit altogether.

until i realized... it's monday! and you know what mondays are??

that's right, my friends. caribou coffee totally has this monday special that has TOTALLY become a bright spot in my week. so i figured that i would start my new nixing of the coffee habit... tomorrow. because today was totally caribou specialty beverage day!

AND i TOTALLY didn't feel guilty at all BECAUSE...

you guessed it! not only did i get the special for $3 BUT i ALSO remembered to bring in a reusable mug... thus saving me an extra $0.50! i was so proud of myself!

in fact, the cashier even rang me up incorrectly initially (she added in the reusable mug deal, but forgot the monday special), but you better believe i was all quick to jump on THAT one (in a polite, well-mannered fashion... obvi).

so, omg, i wish i had taken a picture of the final amount to really fully capture the moment and come full circle. but whatever... including the ridiculous chicago 10-11% tax thing we've got going on here, i totally saved TWO FULL DOLLARS on my morning coffee this morning... from the "normal" $4.76 to my double-discounted $2.78!!!

yess!!! it totally was the grandest start to my day! you can totally just start calling me Couponing Christie from here on out... thanks in advance :) and HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU AND YOURS!

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