Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Trader Joe's Grand Opening Day!

welcome to the neighborhood, trader joes!!

now, don't get confused when you all start google mapping this new trader joes. yes, i live in lincoln park, and yes, there has been a trader joes in lincoln park for years. however, this NEW trader joes is located literally a mere half mile from my place.

i couldn't be happier. Trader Joes Grand Opening Day (TJGOD) totally felt like the start of a new national holiday to me. i'd marked it on my calendar at the beginning of the week and totally had a pop-up reminder counting down the days... sadly, very sadly, THIS is what i was most excited about for my friday night. not happy hour, not dinner, not eyebrow threading (and if you know me, VERY little gets in the way of me and my eyebrow threading... another blog post for another time).

so you better BELIEVE that i traipsed on over to MY new trader joes right after work yesterday... and, OH how it so did NOT disappoint. umm... any place that has colorful welcome signs to make you feel all warm and cozy as soon as you walk into the place is MY kinda PLACE!

and that (obvi) was just the beginning. you walk in and it's so VAST, so open, so brightly lit... GOD how i love grocery stores, but there's something about tj's that just does it RIGHT. and i don't know if different trader joes holds different food items, but i CERTAINLY saw some food items that i had never seen before at my other trader joes (hmmph). it was like christiemas yesterday! i mean, come on... ice cream SMORES?! wtf?! okay, so i cant really eat ice cream but STILL... just the THOUGHT that something so perfect and delicious can actually exist in my very own neighborhood trader joes is beyond my realm of understanding.

okay, so i didn't exactly NEED a ton of groceries... i mean, i was perfectly happy just meandering the aisles, scrutinizing its shelves' beautiful contents, but all in the name of neighborhood support and all that. so i ended up partially filling my basket with all kinds of goodies... trader joes branded guac, greek yogurt, pizza... all so colorfully labelled but most importantly, so DELISH! (well, i think. i haven't tried the pizza or yogurt before.) and those aren't even the items that i traditionally am obsessed with. have you HAD trader joes' orange chicken? or trader joes' peppermint jo-jos (they're pretty much like mint oreos... only better)? or trader joes' green tea mochi? OMG, i really just don't know what else to say other than trader joes totally just does it all so RIGHT.

clearly, i was not the only person super excited to celebrate the next soon-to-be national holiday of TJGOD. it was PACKEDaslkdjflskdj!

even after the neverending passage of customers and the miles-long lines awaiting them, the trader joes cashiers were still so upBEAT, so friendly, so... well, everything i would expect of the fine trader joes brand. i mean, look at trevor's beam over my trader joes lemon heart cookies (okay, so i had a little impulse buy at the counter)... could he BE any happier? (and yes, my trader joes cashier and i were totally on a first name basis, after the whole asking if i can take his picture conversation that went down)

so! all in all, a success. such a fantastic way to celebrate friday... i mean, it's not every day that one can create their very own new national holiday. Happy TJGOD to you and yours!!

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