Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding, c/o your special correspondent

this is going to be my shortest blog post EVER, which is ironic considering it's alllll about one of my greatest obsessions of allllll time.... THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!! but really... really. how can you NOT love a couple that just exudes happiness and love and all that is good in this world?

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whew! and that's an understated version, let me tell you. i wish 3 AM would hurry up and get here already... you better believe my DVR is all nicely set up for every minute of wedding gloriousness... i mean, who CAN'T wait to see that DRESS?!!! and omg what is kate's HAIR going to be like??? up/down/half up, half down...umm, talk about ENDLESS possibilities!! and omg the KISS on the BALCONYlakjfdslksadjflkj!!

because i know they're totally going to be reading this blog since they clearly have all the time in the world, i just have to say... CONGRATULATIONS, CATHERINE AND WILLIAM! the world needed something like this... something uplifting, uniting and just plain DELIGHTFUL!

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