Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my obsession with that Little Green Blinky Light

Man, what in the world did we DO before Smartphones came about?? I feel like the biggest hypocrite ever because, here I was, going on for years and years about how I never understood the point of a Smartphone, since I couldn't imagine having this need to feel connected 24/7. (Sadly, for proof, please see The List of Things I Don't Like that Most Other People Do... But I'm Not Picky!) Fine, I admit it. I was wrong. So, I got the Droid over Thanksgiving and was like, okay, whatever, a luxury for which I'm appreciative, sure, but likely just something else that I won't be using all that often (kind of like my Ipod... heaven forbid, I know, but whatever. I'm not like SUPER into music!)... man oh man, how wrong I was. Dude, this thing is a-mazing! And I know I'm not even NEARLY using all of its capabilities. As a matter of fact, the only things I really use on the Droid are as follows: 1. Texting - um. My text messaging volume has gone up like EXPONENTIALLY since I've gotten this darn phone. Granted, I still don't really like the tiny keyboard (as compared to a nice computer keyboard) but... well, I clearly like it ENOUGH if I'm texting as abominably frequently as I have been. It's a little absurd. What ever happened to picking up the PHONE? Hell, what ever happened to not feeling this need to communicate with people 24/7? Like, why all of a sudden do I feel the need to tell people that I'm "five minutes away"? What ever happened to just showing UP? If you're late, you're late. If you're not, you're not. 2. Gmail - yup. It's like pretty instantaneous email checking at this point. I've become one of "those" people. Now, ANSWERING all the emails is not necessarily instantaneous, primarily because I still am an old-fashioned girl who considers emails to be more "formal" than just texting or Gchatting or whatever, so I still prefer to answer most emails on a computer, when I have free reign to type as much as I want (whereas if I respond via phone, it's usually an informal one to two liner... trust me, when you get an email from me, you'll EASILY be able to differentiate if it was typed on a computer or phone, based on the length of the email alone). 3. http://carrotsncake.com - this is like the only blog I read on a regular basis and for good reason. This blog is ADDICTING! I aim to emulate her blogging capabilities... but I guess that requires taking a LOT more pictures on a regular basis (doubtful, considering I can barely remember when to charge my camera) and, well, shortening my blogs... and while I'm TRYING hard to do the latter, well, I'm sorry, but it's HARD! I have a lot to say! Haha 4. www.bustracker.com - GOD THIS IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER. I'm addicted to it. Granted, now that the weather is better, it's not that bad standing outside waiting for a bus, but MAN, in the wintertime... talk about a lifesaver. This is just about on par with my love for Google mapping while in transit on the Smartphone. Just about. 5. Words with Friends - I was just introduced to this app a couple of weeks ago, but man, it sure doesn't take much to get me all addicted. I mean, it's basically like Scrabble for the digital age. But still. What is it about the technological age that gets people all amped up on Scrabble?? I don't remember Scrabble being the #1 game of choice when I was growing up, but it's all the rage now that it's on a phone?? I don't understand. But whatever, I'm not complaining. Well, I'm only complaining because I've SUCKED at some of the games, but I think I need to review some rules here... like, WTF, what kind of word is QI or THIEUS? Seriously. If you are a serious technology/Smartphone user, you'll realize just how LITTLE I am taking advantage of a Smartphone's capabilities. But whatever, I'm happy enough with that list because... GOD, THE ADDICTION I HAVE TO MY LITTLE GREEN BLINKY LIGHT THING IS UNREAL. I like LEAP for my phone from time to time when I see the little green blinky light go off. So very sad (yet comical for some, annoying for others) to see THAT spectacle unfold, let me tell YOU. So, for all you technologically savvy/Smartphone advocates out there... you were right, I was wrong. The Smartphone has changed my life. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration... just kidding, it's totally NOT an exaggeration. GOD BLESS THE SMARTPHONE! God bless texting! God bless Words with Friends! Who am I kidding? God bless nonstop communication with all the world, really...


  1. Ugh, I don't know what went so terribly wrong with this post's formatting. But I give up... enjoy all the same. :)

  2. Word with Friends is awesome because u don't have to respond in ur 30-60 seconds of allotted time and if u put in a non-word it won't let u submit it, there are no repercussions. Also, if u have a smartphone, why not just use the camera all the time?

  3. hahah that's one of my gripes with WWF... you can easily just try whatever word you want forEVER just to get more points... whatever i totally abuse that now too

    and i just got a replacement Droid because my darn camera on mine was all scratched up (carelessness, on my end, I realize)... sooo, get ready for some serious PICTURES (i hope!)