Monday, November 16, 2009

starbucks and the return of the christiemas cups...

faksjdflkasjfkl!! it's that time of year, my friends!! some mark the start of the holidays with black friday (a travesty to the holiday season in my personal opinion. hate the commercialism, heart the spirit), others mark the start of the holidays with december 1st. me? i like to mark the start of the holidays with the revival of the starbucks christiemas cup.

that's right. to each his own.

after easily crediting myself with singlehandedly financially upholding the SF starbucks on fremont and main (hey, those grande chai tea lattes really start to add up... every. single. day. times two... oops. so i got slightly carried away! whatever, those baristas were so friendly! i heart the 'bucks!), i pulled a complete 180 here in chicago just a couple of weeks ago when i basically denounced all things good and starbucks. apparently, it was a moment of weakness and confusion. i blame sleep deprivation, actually. with my abominable sleeping habits as of late (ie: 3-5 hours of fully interrupted sleep per night. trust me. im annoyed enough, myself.), i decided to venture into this whole new world of actually drinking coffee to wake me on up in the morning. gag. just the thought. (i know, right? the strongest promoter of coffee shop coziness doesnt like coffee?? well HELLO. who needs coffee when you have the limitless world of specialty beverages at. your. FINGERTIPS?!) anyway, after hearing from multiple coffee aficionados that starbucks has one of the worser coffees in life, i decided to venture to a whole new world... corner bakery. i know, i know. i felt like i was cheating on the 'bucks as well. but whatever. sacrifices to be made and all that.

but HOLY MOTHER!! not only was i able to choke down corner bakery's coffee (which is saying a LOT, let me tell you!), i was ALSO able to help myself to a delightful bagel- all for significantly less than what i would pay for my grande chai at starbucks! a full breakfast for less than my darn chai... it's really quite amazing how quickly i can denounce something to which i was so faithful for so many years. HOWEVER, after discovering this breakfast special at corner bakery, i was telling people right and LEFT about how i was SO over the 'bucks because it was just. not. worth. it.

but then. well. let's be honest. i saw a coworker traipse on by with her starbucks cup. her red. flipping. holiday. cup. and literally, my mouth fell agape. jealousy doesnt even remotely begin to describe the emotional onslaught overwhelming my poor little professional persona at that very moment. starbucks had reintroduced their christiemas cups! starbucks had reintroduced their christiemas cups!

well. forget about the denunciation and boycott of the 'bucks. as soon as i saw that girl merrily flinging around her starbucks christiemas cup for all the world to see (show off), i waited a solid hour before making my first afternoon run (in chicago) to starbucks to get myself nice and re-acquainted with the christiemas cup as well.

god, nothing felt more right. nothing.

well, if it feels so right, why not overindulge? a fine motto, in my opinion. therefore, over the past week, i quickly and a little too easily proceeded to take the liberty of venturing to my holiday haven every. single. flipping. day (after working so hard to wean myself to a mere once a week treat).

sigh. i would feel guilty but, quite frankly, i dont. i just plain dont.

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  1. Maliyacks, you did it AGAIN! You put a giant smile on my face after reading this. Haha! Christiemas seriously goes through my head when I see a red cup here. Granted they have like ONE Starbucks in Sydney but still...and you keep on having those devine cups of coffee, then come visit me and you'll never want to leave the coffee is so good here. No joke Maliyacks, no joke.