Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome, welcome, welcomelkajsflkasj!!!

hi everyone!

sigh. i'd like to (finally) introduce you to my BLOG!!! lkajsfdlkj! after years of just emailing my ever-ridiculous stories (often about absolutely nothing, let's be honest here) to ever-random collections of friends here and there, i've taken the liberty of compiling all my verbal vomit into one collective environment. i mean, what better way to KIT with all my BFFs in life, right? right. you're welcome in advance.

why now? having just moved for the third time in four years (ridic, I know), i figured this would be the best way to stay connected with my absolute FAVORITES plucked from anywhere and everywhere that i've been merrily traipsing about. i'm the first one to admit that i'm not the greatest at keeping in touch with people (i mean, the phone? please.), but that doesn't mean that i don't WANT to keep in touch. it's just not one of my finer qualities, thank you very much. for some reason, though, i'm so all over email's business, it's not even funny. so why not just compile all my otherwise mass-emailed stories/thoughts into one ridiculous blog?

and the title? sigh. i wish i could take credit for creation of the term "maliyacular". being the heavy advertiser of people that i know and absolutely LOVE, i must give credit where credit is due. so, hazel, thank you for coming up with such a delightful term... one of my favorites in life coining one of my absolute favorite terms in life... so FITTING! laksfdj! for those who haven't yet been absolutely blessed with my verbal vomit in email form, im hoping that as you continue to read this blog, you'll quickly come to realize what the heck is meant by "my own maliyacular". because, quite frankly, i cant really find words to describe it... basically the ONLY thing for which i can't find words to describe but that's just an aside.

with (all of) that said, id like to welcome, welcome, WELCOME you to my blog! sigh. a blog devoted to happiness, ridiculousness, nothingness... and everything else that can reasonably end with a "-ness", apparently...

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  1. Maliyacular is so fitting. Keep 'em coming! I'm ready to read about all the random "-ness" that can only happen to Christie:-)