Friday, October 9, 2009

if obama ruled the world...

oh wait. he does.

i think the nobel peace prize award confirmed that... in case you've been living under a rock, here's a reference -

i mean, i love big barack. (not nearly as much as i love michelle, but that's beside the point and definitely for another time). but since when did the nobel peace prize (or any nobel prizes, for that matter) start getting awarded for intent and purpose rather than result? i mean, that's like saying the winners of the nobel prize for medicine won because they had a vision regarding chromosome replication, rather than actually finding anything out about those telomeres or whatever (again, for your reference:

on the flip side, of all the people to win the nobel prize for intent and purpose rather than result, i'm so happy it went to obama of all people. i mean, it could've been a lot worse, let's be honest here. i mean, what if oprah'd won? you KNOW we wouldn't ever hear the end of it. (and that's the other funny thing, i heart the oprah as well! just not necessarily her high horse...)

in the end, though, does this really change my perspective on barack, michelle, the whole gang? of course not. because, in the end, let's face it, I LOVE THE OBAMAS!!! let 'em reign, let 'em reign!

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