Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ah, The Grand Home STATE!

Greetings from Cincinnati!

I was a bit reluctant to originally book my flight home to Cincinnati this weekend, since I've basically come to cherish each and every precious weekend I can have in Chicago (since I'm back to traveling during the week for work).

I just have to say that that reluctance pretty much disappeared as soon as I set foot in the good ol' Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

I don't know what it is... I'm in love with the Midwest in general (hence my move to Chicago to begin with) but there's something... just so darn special about the grand home state of Ohio. It's just so relaxing, so simple, so cozy, so SPACIOUS - let's just say... I'm a fan (understatement).

My dad was picking me up from the airport so after locating him in the arrivals area, we began our sojourn home... with a slight detour.

I love all (well, okay, most) libraries - I've even kept each library card I've owned from each city I've lived in! (It's all very exciting, I know.) My neighborhood public library is absolutely no exception. Going to the public library was part of my dad's and my Saturday afternoon routine when I was growing up, so needless to say, requesting this quick detour on the way home from the airport was more than welcomed by good ol' Papa A (Nicole, that one's for you ;)). To be fair, I did want to get through (a wide variety of) reading materials for this weekend!

With that glorious pit stop, I knew that the weekend could only get better and better. After getting through my day of work on Friday, I had just enough time to run a few errands, take a (quick!) nap, and then... head to Reunion #1 of the weekend.

Let's try that again...

My family's been friends with this family for over 20 years (before these kids were even born!) and to say that I adore them is an understatement. They're like a second family to me and, honestly, the happiness and excitement of each reunion never fades. This reunion was no exception... complete with a live reading of "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by the lovely new graduate on the very right of this picture (so proud! :)).

Needless to say, Reunion #1 was easily a sweet success.

Come Sunday, I was off to Reunion #2 in... COLUMBUS, OHIO!!! Hollaaaa!!!

This reunion was actually the main reason for my visit to the grand home state for the weekend, since one of my dearest friends from college, Nicole, was back in the country for a fleeting period of time (she's based in South Korea with the Air Force).

Add two other good friends from college (Meg and Lindsay) to the mix and you've got yourself one. sweet. REUNION!!!

(Please disregard that nonsense of a peace / V for victory sign.)

After meeting in the Short North of Columbus for brunch (and hugs galore, let me tell you), we began just meandering around... and, look at that, somehow ended up... well, back on Ohio State's campus.

Talk about a walk down memory lane - I haven't been back to campus since I graduated and I honestly could not stop BEAMING as we walked through campus (no matter how much it's changed!). Now, while most people would likely walk down their college memory lanes with trips to their favorite bars, the football stadium, etc... MY idea of walk down memory lane consisted of... well...

My Chemistry / Organic Chemistry building!!!

I'm not sure WHY I was so excited to see this building...  I mean, some of the memories I have from my days of Chemistry / Organic Chemistry are... less than pleasant to say the least. Maybe it's simply the fact that my love and devotion for the one and only Dr. Casey still reigns supreme... but I digress.

And of course... of COURSE, no trip on campus would be complete without a visit to my beloved... my sacred... my one and only...

Science and Engineering Library (SEL).

Sigh, we need to have a moment. Just one.

Unless you went to college with me, you will not understand the love and devotion I had for this library... hell, even people who DID go to college with me did not understand. I mean, I was definitely NOT of the Science and Engineering variety BUT this library was just my home away from home... my happy place, if you will.

(It really is amazing that I actually had friends in college, considering how much time I devoted to this sacred place.)

Unfortunately, they've since changed the name of the library from the SEL to something like the "18th Avenue Library" so I couldn't take a picture with the sign itself (it just wouldn't be the SAME!). Oh well, no matter. Might as well just head inside to get a few "action shots", right?

Good thing we didn't disturb the entire 4th floor with our ridiculous picture-taking extravaganza (well, we TRIED to suppress our exclamations... and giggles... as we walked down memory lane here).

Ah, how far we've come from circa 2003...

Okay, so maybe not ALL our time in the library was spent hard-core studying. But we needed some lighthearted moments to get us through finals week! (On a completely side note, check out that CELL PHONE! Wowza.)

Okay, enough about the SEL. Moving on to...

No trip would be complete without a big ol' hug for Brutus, right?

Ah, good times through and through.

Okay, I'm cutting off this post since it's (much) longer than I'd previously anticipated. Get ready for my next post about the grand home state... let's just say that you'll be 110% familiar with the terms Skyline, Graeters, UDF, and LaRosa's by the time you're done reading THAT one.

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  1. wow, that blog post is AMAZING!! I love the photos, the Papa A thrown in, and wow, that SEL photo of us is god-awful yet awesome. I love it. It was a fantastic day!!! xoxoxoxo