Monday, January 14, 2013

Masa Azul + Karaoke

Doesn't that title sound so DIVERSE?!

Alright, weekend two of trying to stay up past midnight on the weekend was somewhat of a success.

Friday, my friend and I had planned this dinner date weeks in advance (and if you know me, you know I don't plan ahead... especially THAT far ahead!). That just goes to show how badly we both wanted to try this new restaurant in, of all places, my new 'hood - Logan Square.

Anyway, have you all heard of this place called "Fat Rice"? Well, let's be honest -  I was fairly turned off when my friend first suggested it. I mean... gotta keep the daintiness and ladylike-ness intact as much as possible right? Wrong. This place has gotten SO MUCH HYPE over the recent few weeks that I quickly came on board.

For a place that's had so much hype over the past few weeks, you would think my friend and I would be smarter than thinking there wouldn't be much of a wait for 7:30 PM on a Friday. Clearly, we have our acts together.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by none other than a two-hour wait. And, I mean, yeah right. As much as I want to try a place, I will never wait two hours (well... okay, unless it's for a cupcake). A bit defeated, my friend and I decided to just meander around and find another restaurant - which seemed kind of a long shot considering the area we were in seemed a little scant of restaurants. After a couple of blocks of some SKETCH-looking restaurants, we stumbled upon this place called Masa Azul, that just looked somewhat cute and cozy and... most importantly, had no wait.

After getting seated right away, we got started on some fun little cocktails and then FOOD. I was STARVING by dinnertime since I'd come straight from work and I think I forgot to eat lunch on Friday or something. Anyway, we went to town and ordered four little tacos (pork belly and braised goat?!?!) as well as some shrimp and polenta dish, just to ensure we were full, full, full.

As soon as I bit into my pork belly taco, I knew I'd found a new favorite Mexican place in Chicago. Each and every bite of food just kept on getting better and better! Honestly, if you are in the Logan Square area, you should TOTALLY add Masa Azul to your little checklist of "must-try" places.

Okay, so Friday wasn't the best example of my staying up past midnight on weekends. In fact, I barely (barely) made it to 10:30 PM that night. I was just so TIRED after a long day at work. But whatever - I did try.

At least Saturday made up for it. After accidentally falling asleep after volunteering on Saturday, I woke up at exactly 7:53 PM... and, upon realizing the time, literally jumping off my couch - because, that's right, I was supposed to be meeting friends for dinner and drinks WAY uptown at 8 PM, before we began our (random, but oh so fun) night of karaoke'ing at this secret brothel Korean karaoke bar.

After having a couple of beers and some seriously mediocre food at Atlantic Bar and Grille (sigh, I guess not everything can be Masa Azul status in my book) and a bit of a walk in some annoying drizzle, we ended up at Lincoln Karaoke (way uptown - I can't emphasize how FAR north we were... it was like a foreign land, if you will). Anyway! I hadn't been karaoke'ing in a long while... which is all very surprising since I'm kind of a karaoke rapping machine.

Let's just say - I'm very good at rapping karaoke. I mean, if you can talk as fast as I can, it's only natural that you can spit some rhyme (is that even a phrase? It sounds like it should be, in any event.) karaoke-style, at least.

But I digress.

First stop once we entered this karaoke joint? The bar - obvi.

First up - vanilla rumchata shots... ummm, have you had these before?? They are legitimately the YUMMIEST things EVER (tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, as someone put it).

Next up? Well...

I mean, naturally. If you're going to drink alcohol while karaoke'ing, champagne would be the only natural choice, right? Right. (I defer all questions related to THAT choice of alcohol consumption to the one and only Neha, herself.)

Man, all I have to say is - karaoke night was such a sweet success. We covered all KINDS of songs - from NSync (obviously) to Elvis Presley (I think) to Mariah Carey (some people got overconfident) to Eminem (some people just know what they're clearly good at ---> me).

What fun. We ended up staying there wayy longer than expected. So much longer, in fact, that I would just like to point out (not like I anyone is keeping track), after a full night of fun-filled karaoke, I only ended going to sleep at... wait for it... 3 AM!!!! Damn straight.

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