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"You Don't Understand... I Love You" (aka: The Will Smith Story)

When one of my coworkers/friends recently Facebook friended me, her first comment was "I didn't know you'd met Will Smith!" to which I replied with "Umm... how did you find that out?"

Now, I don't really know why I questioned how she figured it out (as if I were trying to keep it some kind of secret... HA). I mean, come on. I can still recant that story (every. intricate. detail) of meeting Will on the set of Hitch (remember? When he flashes back to his college days when he was super awkward with girls... HA- as if THAT could ever be the case.) as if it happened yesterday. Rather than going into the (kind of long) story about how I met Will Smith, I simply just forwarded along the email that I'd sent to a small group of my friends about ten minutes after that moment in the sun occurred. I mean... if that email doesn't speak for itself, I just don't know what does.

After forwarding along the email, I actually took a few moments to reread it myself... relive the moment if you will. And... not gonna lie- my heart still picked up the pace (and/or my knee started jiggling... and/or I started experiencing slight shortness of breath... well, you get the idea) as I was rereading it.

This is all very pathetic, yes, I know. But whatever.

Needless to say, I can safely say that July 2, 2004 was the happiest day of my life to-date.

As such, I figured... what better way to spread the excitement than by... simply copy/pasting the email (complete with all the typos, since I clearly couldn't type straight, given how flustered I still was) for all the world to read (okay, one little part was cut out since it's not exactly the most appropriate for broader audiences, but that's it!).

All I have to say is... enjoy.

And GOD, if Will Smith is out there reading this... dare. I. dream.

The Email... from July 2, 2004

happy summer everyone!!

i was just writing this email because i definitely have some necessary emotion to be released at this point in time and i dont have many daytime minutes so the one time i actually WNAT to be on the phone, i cant.  however, i just need to share:

first off, i love columbia and ny. because of this program and the wonderful people i have met? eh not so much although its an alright program but ive mostly just been antisocial and scurrying across town to meet up with the osu contingent of nyu. however, this week has been amazing. why? Last tuesday or monday or so, who was sitting outside of one of our buildings reading a book but RIDER STRONG! high five. i love him. and for you true disney channel fans and simply pouty guy lips heartthrobs out there, its shawn from boy meets world, one of the best shows ever. two of my friends and i went up to him and i (just like a typical fan) asked him to take a picture. he was so nice about it. i like him a whole lot more now :) but I would just like to share that the picture is wonderful: he has his arm around me and my other friend but his head is totally tilted in my direction. i LOVE it. lol

secondly, and for the REAL reason for this email. rider strong high five right/ that made the highlight of my week earlier. but then today, Friday july 2nd, we noticed all these random cameras and whatnot and we were walking to this office that we had to do some work in. we didnt really  think twice right? then we're working for like an hour or so and this girl from our program rushes in and shes like (shes so cute shes from spain) "you know uh will? smith? you like him?" and of course literally no joke my mouth drops open and i start having a bit of trouble breathing. nothing serious but it was funny cause i had heard that he was going ot be on trl today and i was so wanting to go to the mtv studio but i couldnt cause of my office work. however then she shares this and i was freaking out like oh my goodness hes just visiting for an hour and im stuck here??? she was like "hes right outside!!! here you want to see pictures? i even took a little video" so there i am (along with a few others who are much calmer just to paint a mental picture) watching her little video clip but not really  paying attentino because im trying to figure out how to get out of office work but theyre pretty strict about actually, oh i dont know, STAYING on the job? So literally for like 45 mins i was just standing there because i got done with my stuff (cause lets face it, when i heard will smith, i was frantically sorting through my files and shoving them into place... this one girl i was working with was just looking at me in amazement and cracking up) but i was so scared i would miss him! so then they wouldnt even let us leave the office cause we were waiting for everyone to get done. i was getting VERY annoyed... will was so close yet so far. so anyway, then it got really chaotic and whatnot so i just left. i wa slike screw this i am not missing will for this unorganization. (my logic i know :)) however, they had just finished doing a scene so will was on a little break and he was talking to a bunch of people so i scurried on down the columbia steps and was literally five feet away from him. (it turns out i wouldnt have missed him anyways cause he would be there for an hour or two more) i was snapping my camera away in simple awe. he was talking to a theater group from phillyl so we werent allowed to get any closer. still it was good enough right? then the directing people kept on yelling at people to clear out cause they were going to start another scene for his new movie (first and last kiss or somethign) it takes place in the 80s. me being the clueless one that i am start chatting with this really cute asian lady that was sitting in the grass just watching everything happen. then the directing lady starts cuing everyone off to the sides whos not in the movie and figuring the little asian lady is off set i settled down next to her. then the directing lady starts going across the walk and is like "youre in this scene youre in this scene etc" because there were so many extras... then she comes to me and I really had no clue that i could have been in the scene until she stopped  and was like "youre not in this scene" and i just was like "what? oh this is for the movie? im so sorry!" and she was really nice and was like "oh its not a problem you could be in it but its set in the 80s and your clothes dont  look 80s enoguh" really nice about it seriously! but what the heck?? i was  almost an extra in will smiths movie! so you think thats all, right? oh no no no... because i definitely wait aroudn and watch the scene being shot. it was pretty cool... then everyone (all the fans and whatnot) started leaving casue they got bored but not me the faithful will supporter that i am. i was just watching and watching and then it started to rain a little bit... just sprinkling. so of course they called the scene off and i was at such a far distance but i could see will just talking to people and then i saw pepoepl scurrying towards him to get a picture/autograph so i start walking towards him. but there are a few people and a couple of girsl wanted their picture with him so i was like "i can take it for you if you would like" and of coruse they let me so i took it. and then i wanted to get in a picture but I wasnt with anyone so who would take it? so of coruse i was just less than a foot away from will and he is adorable. and then all these other girsl start swarming in to take a picture so i was kind of like hwat the heck? all this for nothing? 

so then the directing lady starts shooing us off and was like "sorry we have to keep the crowd moving" and my face literally dropped and since i was in the front he saw that and he knew who i was since i had offered to take the other girls' pictures. so he knew i was a relatively nice person i guess? lol i liek to think taht at least. but listen to this: so he sees my face drop and all these other people had started backing away per the director's orders but i was just stockstill for a second and he just looked at me and i was seriously nearly in tears, my voice was shaking and I just said "you dont understand... i love you" lol lol lol.

seriously TOTAL teenybopper. but whatever. and he was like "aw thanks" (with his beautiful eyes and smile that has his eyes crinkle and his lips droop down....  aughhH!:) ) and he came up to me and was like (to me) "just one more, baby, just one more" with his typical fresh prince charm. i love him. love him. so what did he do? not a normal pose and have someone else take it cause there was no one else to take it. he definitely took my camera, put his arm aroudn me and held the camera out and took the picture.

I was in literal heaven.

seriously. hands were shaking voice shaking everything. not only did i see will smith... not only did i take pictures of him. but our FACES WERE TOUCHING. he had his ARM around me! who does that happen to?? the girl with the computer wallpaper collage of will smith, [CONTENT REMOVED], the girl whos watched every fresh prince multiple times. I fucking LOVE him. the nicest guy ever.

LOVE. oh im swooning im swooning. LOVE.

and that my friends, are the adventures of the celebs thus far. i could die (lol in harlem perchance) and i would be perfectly happy. i LOVE will. and I love you guys. thanks for listening to this tale.

christie :)

Please note: Cheeks. Are. Touching.

That is all.

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