Monday, June 25, 2012

My #1 Professional Goal This Year

So, normally I don't write about my professional life on my blog... I do, after all, have very strong feelings about keeping my personal and professional lives separate (blog stories about my work travel do NOT count!).

Today is going to simply have to be an exception to the rule.

Okay, so I received an email earlier today regarding putting together a plan outlining my goals for the upcoming year... you know, nothing out of the ordinary. Normally, I actually do like to give these some thought because... well, to be perfectly honest, because I really just like "checking things off" a list.

Seriously- do you guys keep To Do lists? Omg, they are seriously one of my favorite things EVER (yes, I'm a nerd). And not just any To Do lists... others are perfectly content just typing their lists out into Word, Notepad, iPhones, or whatever... but not me.

Nope- I definitely still "write out" my To Do lists... you know- like on paper and everything... you know- like, the old-fashioned way, if you will ;). But seriously, the self-satisfaction that can be derived from PHYSICALLY being able to strike through a handwritten To Do list... well, GOD. It has honestly GOT to be one of the best things ever (I already TOLD you- I'm a nerd, yes, I know.). In any event, physically crossing something off my To Do lists FAR supercedes the self-satisfaction derived from striking through items in a Word document or Notepad (or even deleting... I mean, what's the POINT of deleting?? What's the point of doing all your activities if you can't even SEE the physical progress you've made with your list? I mean, honestly, people- plain logic, here).

Anyway, believe it or not, this post wasn't actually intended to be about To Do lists... but I digressed (imagine that). So, as the thought of putting together my professional goals for the year sprinkled through my thoughts on my bus ride home this afternoon, my mind quickly wandered (doesn't take much, really) to creating a To Do list for my personal life as well. I'd been talking with a few of my friends about the thought of putting together a "bucket list" for this year just so I'll actually DO more stuff, but to be perfectly honest, I think I could die today and be perfectly happy. Okay, that came out a lot more morbid than it actually was meant to be- but... well, I just think life has been fairly good to me thus far. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right. God, if "life" could have a cheerleader... well- sign me UP! Hahah.

Lord, this post is all over the place. Okay, so I actually ended up creating a little list of personal things I want to accomplish in the next year but again, believe it or not, this post isn't about my personal To Do list for the year. Rather, this post is SUPPOSED to be about the ONE professional item that made it onto my personal To Do list for the year (see? Told you I'm fairly adamant about keeping my personal and professional lives separate).

The fact that this one professional item made it onto my personal To Do list clearly goes to show just how BADLY I want it. I mean, I can safely say I've never wanted something in my professional life as badly as I want this. Now, I'm sure the suspense is absolutely killing you so... without further ado... I present to you... my biggest professional goal yet...

Okay, so I work at a large company (like national/international reach), right? And periodically, they hold these firmwide video broadcasts where they provide updates on the company, upcoming events with the company, what the company's leaders have to say... sigh- I think I'm the only one who like avidly watches these things like it's a movie thriller or something. Seriously- next time one of these things is broadcast, I'm going to pop myself some popcorn (I guess it would help if I actually liked popcorn...), kick back and just relax with all the happy firm news being broadcast.

Anyway, so to be creative (I think), some of these firmwide broadcasts involve having junior staff interview various members of the company for a variety of reasons.

So that's it! That's my goal! I want to BE one of those INTERVIEWERS!!!

Hahaha... was that a total buzzkill for all of you? Oh well. But honestly, wouldn't that be the BEST role EVER?!?!?! I would take it more seriously than almost anything else I've ever taken in my professional life... after all, I see this as kind of a platform, if you will... I mean, if I'm going to be the next Oprah, I have to start SOMEwhere, right? Right. And what better platform than something that already has national REACH, RIGHT?!?!?!

You know what's funny? I feel like some of interviewers could be super nervous because, well, you're being broadcast across the country. But me? Well, I think my biggest concern would be to tame my smile a bit, so that I don't come across as... well, I don't know- too excitable/"happy-go-lucky"/"heads in the clouds"-ish. Because you KNOW I would be. ON. CLOUD. NINE. if ever I had this opportunitylasjfdlksjdf! And, I mean, even I know I'm fairly excitable on a regular basis. Can you imagine just how spirit-fingery frenzied I'd be if my #1 professional goal (EVER) actually came true?!?!?!

Trust me- this is a HIGHLY valid concern. I mean, I'm not going to lie... there are points where I'm sitting in meetings with certain coworkers that I just want to sit back, rest my chin in my palms and well, just BEAM because they make me SO HAPPY!!LKJlfkajslfdjsl! Hahahaha. I can't even imagine how that would play out if I ended up living out my dream role...

(NOW do you see why I have to be extra-conscious about maintaining a professional persona in the workplace? Like, can YOU imagine if you looked over one day and one of your coworkers was just sitting there BEAMING at you? Thank you very much.)

Anyway, you know me and that whole shamelessness thing. If I want something badly enough, shame has no bounds in my mind... as such, if you or anyone you know (coworkers or noncoworkers alike!) know of ANY avenue to become one of these interviewers... please do let me know and help make my #1 professional goal for the upcoming year come true.

In return... well, I will be eternally grateful (I may have a bad memory, but I NEVER forget about people who help me out) and bake you treats.  That should totally suffice, right?

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