Monday, May 28, 2012

Henna, A Bus and A Resort Complex

So days two and three of the wedding extravaganza of a weekend just continued in the same style as the first night of celebratory festivities.

Because I'm unable to sleep in, no matter how late I go to sleep the night before, I decided to take full advantage of my early morning wake up and head off to Cincinnati for the day to visit with the 'rents. It was all so very delightful (I refuse to post pictures of my family on my blog, which is why you will not be seeing many, if any, pictures posted) and quite frankly, Cincinnati just makes me so happy.

After a fleeting few hours at home, I ventured back to Louisville... you KNOW I wasn't going to be missing a single second of the Saturday night festivities, which included a grand ol' Mehendi party. Now, typically, the Mehendi parties I've been to in other Indian weddings are for the females only, but, since there were SO MANY people who had come in from out of town, Neha and Eashwar had decided to open the Mehendi party to all their guests.

Well, the Mehendi party was actually at a family friend's house, about a twenty-minute drive from the Marriott downtown where we were all staying. Because Neha and Eashwar were super thoughtful about the convenience of their guests, they'd arranged transportation to and from the family friend's house where the Mehendi party was taking place... now, how in heaven's name is one supposed to transport like 600 of one's closest family and friends?

What else? With multiple shuttle trips, of course.

I'm not gonna lie... I really was wondering what this person's neighbors were thinking as they were seeing busload after busload of Indian aunties and uncles convening in front of their house.

Oh, well. I guess when you live in something resembling a resort, things like shuttling people to and fro is just an everyday part of life. That's right... THIS is where the Mehendi party was taking place.

I know, right? That's all I have to say. I was on my best behavior all weekend long, so I made sure to keep my jaw from approaching the floor at every turn of the way.

But... well, I mean REALLY? Really.

In any event, as with the rest of the weekend, the Mehendi party was one sweet success. I didn't actually get the henna done on my hands (I've done it once or twice before), but several of the other girls that I was with did and absolutely LOVED the experience. Needless to say, the Mehendi lady had her hands MORE than full, given the sheer VOLUME of people that wanted to get their hands done up with henna.

This night turned out to be SO much fun... as people were getting their henna done, there was just so much mingling being done and... as per usual, that open bar line was out. of. control. It was all so merry and festive... so, in spite of the 90+ degree heat and sunshine, I can safely say we all had ourselves a delightful time, with our excitement only escalating further still with the events of the next day (the ACTUAL wedding day).

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