Sunday, April 29, 2012

You Can Never Be Too Old for Beer Pong

As this post's title suggests, this weekend, I learned that you can never be too old for some good ol-fashioned beer pong.

Over the past few weeks, my coworker Phil (and his roommates) have been working their hearts out to plan this ginormous BBQ bash, to celebrate their roommate's "emancipation" from tax season. Let's just say, I was a firm supporter of the purpose of this event... trust me, I still remember those hours we were putting in during my Winter quarter tax accounting internship.

I was actually quite interested to see how this event panned out... I mean, over the past couple of weeks, it was quite apparent that Phil (and his roommates) had this party planning down to an absolute science.

Firstly, the sheer AMOUNT of meat that I was told was going to be readily available should have kind of grossed me out... after all, they had to be prepared to feed at least 60 people (the projected number of attendees, last I spoke with Phil). However, I have to admit, it didn't gross me out in the least... what can I say?

I. Love. Meat.

Spoken like the true dainty and ladylike individual that I am... ;)

Anyway, my friend/twin, Joyce, and I arrived a couple of hours after the party was set to begin... and my God, Phil's projections of attendees was no exaggeration. I wish I could've snapped a picture of what greeted us when we entered his apartment... people were packed from end to end... there was literally NO space for people to move around. I have to say, I'm not good with estimations and all that, but there had to have been more than 60 people squeezed into that place.

I don't even want to think about the number of safety violations we were in the midst of encountering.

It was like a college frat party in its finest sense. Complete with ginormous TVs...

(No, seriously. Can you TELL just how LARGE that TV IS?!?!? What. The...)

And, of course, a keg...

To be honest, I can't even remember the last time I've THOUGHT about a keg... let alone actually seen one.

And finally...

Okay, so to be fair, I knew well in advance that there was going to be some elaborate beer pong tournament going on. And to be fair (again), I'd mentally prepared myself for this fact in order to temper my excitement levels because, quite frankly...

I. Love. Beer Pong.

Fine, fine, fine. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not the biggest fan of any sort of alcohol, beer or otherwise. But I love games! And I (used to) love ping pong! It only makes complete and logical sense that I would fully appreciate the finer joys of beer pong, right? Damn straight.

Well, except for the fact that... if you think about it... my GOD, is it unsanitary or WHAT?!? Like, those ping pong balls are flying all over the place... and sure, you're rinsing them off after each turn but... well, really? Really. Let's be honest here, how clean are these things actually getting?

But I digress. Phil's apartment had two separate beer pong tables set up, to enhance the timeliness and efficiency of the beer pong tournament (if you know Phil, you know this is pretty much... well, par for the course). As we parked it in front of one of the tables, I noticed the special props that were being used to aid the tournament...

I actually never asked, but am still quite curious... why in heaven's name was a coffee pot being used to pour the beer into each cup? I wasn't sure if there was some scientific reasoning behind this or if it was just because... but knowing Phil (and the master orchestration of the rest of this party), I figure there MUST be some scientific explanation behind this.

Ohhhh welllll. Apparently I need no reason to just jump right on that bandwagon...

When in Rome and all that.

After much anticipation, we finally got around to playing our turn... to be honest, I can't remember the last time I PLAYED beer pong... and let's be real here, coordination isn't exactly my forte. But who would've thought?!?! Joyce and I actually made quite a few in!! It was all very exciting. Unfortunately, no pictures were snapped in the height of the action because, I mean, come ON, people! Full concentration here!!

Okay, in all things full disclosure, Joyce and I lost in the first round, but in our deFENSE... it was a really close game! Both teams were down to one cup by the end of it, before Alex (the girl on the opposing team) made the winning shot.

All in all- good times. Honestly, once you just force yourself to forget about the whole unsanitary component of the game, beer pong is quite possibly one of the most entertaining of games. I mean, the adrenaline, the camaraderie, the friendly competition... God, I am such an avid supporter and fan.

You know what else I'm an avid supporter and fan of? Any and every BBQ/beer potluck/beer pong tournament that Phil and his roommates plan in the future... just a friendly FYI (gotta secure my invite for the next bash at some point, right?! Right ;)).

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