Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happiness is...

Let's just cut right to the chase. All you need to know about Sydney is that it is happiness... just plain happiness.

Happiness is...

Perfect. Views.

View after view after view of the Blue Mountains...

Across the world reunions with some best friends... aaaand feeling like I'm going to fall off the edge of the mountain... trust me, I wouldn't put it past the two of us.

Did I mention the views?

Tiny kangaroos!

Snakes?! Sure, I guess that can be happiness... I guess. (I swear, the things I do for a blog post...)

Blue skies... blue water... perfect days.

Let's take a look at the skyline just one more time...

Okay, I lied. That was just one more view!

Perfect coastlines...

Across the world reunions!!

Sigh. I don't want to leave.

Oh well. My next options aren't too shabby... off to Melbourne for the next few days! Cross your fingers for some more sunshiney goodness!


  1. Christie, it was so awesome to spend the day with you at the Blue Mountain tour!! I figured you might post some pics....I especially love the one of you with the snake! I will send you my pics when I can upload them post-Oz/NZ trip. I hope you love Melbin!! :P Miss you already friend!! xoxo, Nicole

  2. The reptile rapt round you really, really...can't think of a good 'r' word so I'll just say what I'm feelin', gives me the shivers! There was an old country-ish song that Ray Stevens sang, "I don't like spiders and snakes..." and that's me! Miss you!