Friday, December 2, 2011

NAPERVILLE!!: The Eve of...

So how am I feeling on the Eve of my Naperville debut? It's one of those days that I'm sure I will remember forever, so I want to document my exact emotions to the fullest extent possible, so I can look back on this years down the road (when I am living in Naperville, mind you) and remember all the glorious details of when my suburban dreams officially came to fruition.


Anyway! My emotions at the moment? Mixed, really. Sure, I'm excited beyond words about this grand adventure tomorrow. However, I haven't exactly gotten the greatest amount of sleep this week so I feel like my excitement is slightly tempered by... well, exhaustion. I don't think I'm pleading a solid case here, however, considering I came to the office about an hour early JUST so I could write in my blog. But oh well.

Additionally, I'm sad to say that my Naperville research has fallen to the wayside over the past week. I was originally planning on blogging each night this week about a new component of Naperville I wanted to explore (ie: historical, cultural, etc.). However, that just didn't happen. Can I help it that some people would prioritize work over an inaugural Naperville extravaganza? In short, no.

In any event, trust me. Now that the weekend is (almost!) upon us, I can't help but get caught up in all the Napervillian lkjasflkjds;fkjslfjs excitement!! You would think that my "big weekend event" would be our company's holiday party happening tonight. I mean, it's a fancy schmancy extravaganza, complete with ball gowns and tuxes (I think). Sigh- prom. Good times. Haha. And I mean, hello, it's a HOLIDAY party! I mean, I AM Christiemas! Hahaha.

It was only just yesterday that I realized how deep is my love and loyalty for Naperville. Yesterday, one of my coworkers was asking a few of us what our weekend plans were. My immediate response? "I'm going to Naperville on Saturday!!!" (Yes, the tone was complete with those three exclamation points.) The holiday party didn't even cross my MIND as one of my weekend plans! What the heck, right? I never thought ANYTHING could overshadow any type of holiday festivity, but... well, that was before I realized the full effect that my dream suburb had on me, I guess.

Sigh. I think it's really starting to hit me. This time tomorrow, I will be just hours away from heading over to that dream suburb of mine... the nation's #1 public library for the past decade, the downtown and/or Riverwalk district, the salt cave... why, I think my heart just pitter pattered a tad at the prospect.

Tomorrow is IT! Naperville, here I COME!!!!Ljkdlfsajflkjdsalkfj;dsafljkasdjflaksjd;flkjKJ!M

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