Monday, October 17, 2011


I love getting my hair cut, primarily because of the glorious head massage that goes right along with it. I guess calling it a haircut would be an underexaggeration. In keeping with my natural flair for cheapness, I apparently do NOT consider maintaining my hair as a necessity in life. Although my hair grows at an alarmingly speedy rate, I apparently don't notice just how LONG (not to mention nappy (sp?)) I let my hair get until it is much, much too late.

Therefore, I typically consider my haircuts to be more along the lines of hairCHOPS.

Well, what? After about six months of growing my hair, I just get SICK of it (I mean, do you KNOW how long it takes to blowdry and STRAIGHTEN thick, long hair? Heavens). As such, I tend to get a little overly liberal at the hair salon and start off the conversation with "Just chop off as much as you think would look good for my face shape".

This lovely little conversation starter could be considered quite risky for the average individual. I, on the other hand, have no sense of general beauty knowledge, so I could not TELL you what "type" of haircut would look good for my (Charlie-brown cheeked!) face shape. And please, isn't this what these hair stylists went to beauty school and stuff for? Come on, I'm paying good money for my semi-annual hairchop!

Oh yeah. About that "paying good money" bit... I guess paying $16 for a hairchop (which includes the aforementioned head massage!) is actually a pretty good deal. I'm not going to lie- I'm actually kind of proud of this fact.

Yes, friends. My cheapness extends much further than just limiting the frequency of my hairchops per year. That's right- in order to score THIS $16 deal, I will only go to the Aveda Institute, which is filled with students using real people on whom to "practice their technique".

Again, yet another risky move. But hey, if you really think about it, students would be the ones to be MOST careful with individuals' hair, because they're so concerned about passing their classes.

Or something like that. If you don't agree... well, don't tell me! This is the justification I have been using for years and it has worked thus far! (And I shudder to think of what the alternative mindset of students "experimenting" on real people hair would be.)

And this past Saturday was another one for the books. You better believe I got my hair CHOPPED the F OFF! I'm so delighted! Sure, once I just told my hair stylist to "go to it", I had that momentary lapse of panic. And, I mean, the panic kind of lasted throughout the whole hairchop session because... quite frankly, how can one REALLY tell what one's new hairstyle is going to look like when it's dripping wet?

But I have to say! I was so pleased with the final, blow-dried result! It's so LIGHT and so EASY to MANAGE now! It took me like a mere second to wash and straighten today! (Slight exaggeration, but hey, what would the Maliyacular be without a slight exaggeration here and there?)

All in all, I must say! Yet another sweet success c/o the Aveda Institute! From elbow-length to shoulder-length... I'd have to say my hair is ready and SET until... April. You know it!

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