Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iceland! Part 3: Stuck on a Deserted Island

Ahh. Day 2 1/2. After experiencing the sheer bliss of the Blue Lagoon (and, let's face it, its free exfoliant), my sister and I had the rest of the afternoon to explore to our heart's content.

What better way to explore than to book some random boat to... a deserted island? Awesome.

While my sister had read that this island (Videy, I think it was?) was TINY (only about a mile long), we didn't really know what to expect... I can guarantee you, being the only two people on the island (plus the owner of the only coffee shop on Videy) was not at ALL what had crossed our minds.

But... well, there we were. Might as well take some time to go exploring!

Yeah. Again, sounds all adventurous and rugged, now doesn't it? I can 100% assure you, the entirety of Videy can be seen in the span of exactly one hour. Why one hour? Because you're at the mercy of that little boat which run every hour on the hour. If you miss it... well, good luck. Because you will certainly just have to make another round of the entire island in order to keep yourself entertained.

I'm just kidding. Well, I'm not kidding about the length of time it takes to make a complete circuit of the island. But really, in actuality, this island was actually rather adorable and OLD. That's why we went to visit it... it's supposed to be the oldest settlement area in and around Iceland (or something like that). And, to be honest, my sister and I are kind of history nerds... don't come with us to a history museum! We're those people who will read any and everything.

And you certainly can't argue with how peaceful this place is. I mean, with a whopping three people on the island, I don't know how it COULD be anything BUT peaceful.

As much as we appreciated Videy for its finer historical components and beautiful views, I wouldn't exactly be lying when I say we were MORE than ready for THIS site...

You better believe we hurry-scurried on down that little hill! We couldn't miss our BOAT! Good thing everything on the island is in the span of about five minutes... we made it with, let's face it, more than enough time to spare.

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