Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iceland! In Brief

Some of my friends kind of balked when I mentioned I was weekending in Iceland (sigh... doesn't "weekending" ANYwhere sound so, I don't know, classy... weekending in the Hamptons, weekending in the mountains, weekending in Cincinnati... well, whatever, you get the idea).
I'm not exactly sure WHY people would be surprised. I mean, Iceland is known for its natural beauty and outdoorsy-ness, and if I'm not one to fully and wholly appreciate nature and... well, outdoorsy things, I don't know who IS.

Okay, okay. So maybe I'm not exactly the most outdoorsy/rugged/sporty kinda gal. But I DO love being outside (so long as the temperature is within 65-80 degrees, preferably with minimal to no humidity)! And I DO love hiking (for a few hours at a time, that is. People who go on these hiking trips for like days at a time really deserve a medal, in my personal opinion)! And... well, enough justification. I wanted to see Iceland!

I was more than a little shocked when my sister agreed to come with me on this journey. Why? A picture says a thousand words, right? HERE is what she decided to bring along as her little tote bag for our outdoorsy adventures.

Yes, my friends. You are seeing things correctly. That is, in fact, a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (how/why that's different from a normal Marc Jacobs bag is beyond my realms of caring)*.

And I'M not outdoorsy?

Anyway. Moving quickly on...

Feel free to help yourself to a handy dandy dose of outdoorsy, nature-y goodness... Maliyacular style.

1. Iceland! Part 1: Frigidity with a Side of Whale Watching http://bit.ly/nmB6U2

2. Iceland! Part 2: The Gold Mine That IS The Blue Lagoon http://bit.ly/nOsmUx

3. Iceland! Part 3: Stuck on a Deserted Island http://bit.ly/o7m62C

4. Iceland! Part 4: The Golden Circle - A LEGIT Photo Essay http://bit.ly/pxq9wr

5. Iceland! Part 5: Horseback Riding and... Well, That Should Pretty Much Say It All http://bit.ly/o83ti5

*Apologies for the sideways shot... why in heaven's name you can't rotate pictures in Blogger is beyond my realm of understanding.

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  1. I loved this Christie! I took notes about the things you did and liked, I wonder if they have horseback riding in the winter.... :/