Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friendship - An Introspective Review

Hooray! I just submitted a piece for a blogger contest that I saw advertised a few weeks ago. In 300 words or less, I was supposed to talk about "Who I am most surprised to be friends with". When I first heard about this topic, I figured it would be easy peasy Mac n Cheesy.

But the more I got to thinking, the more I struggled with the topic. "SURPRISED" to be friends with? I've never been asked that question, let alone pondered it of my own accord.

It got me thinking about my closest friends over the years, and sigh. Talk about a sentimental sojourn, if you will.

I've always been a fairly social creature by nature. What can I say? I get a (completely natural!) high being surrounded by people! I used to LOVE a good social gathering of sorts. The larger the gathering, the more excited I would get. But as the years progressed, I quickly realized that, while I'm grateful to be one of those people who makes friends pretty easily, I am pretty much the worst friend with whom to keep in touch. I just lose track of time and, well, frankly put, I hate talking on the phone.

All I have to say is God bless the inventor of all things Internet.


Instant messenger...
TOTALLY my saving graces in this whole "keeping in touch" thing.

But still. There's something to be said about that personal touch that only a good old-fashioned phone call or, heck, a handwritten letter (remember THOSE?!) can bring. Who would've thought, right? The tools and technology at our fingertips to maximize our connectivity as inherently social creatures... inherently lending to just increased isolation.

Deep, RIGHT? Hahaha. But still, as I've grown up (and, I like to think, matured into a young adult), I feel like I am so much more appreciative of the quality of my friendships, rather than quantity of friends I have. More and more, I find myself making a concerted effort to shoot a quick email, send a quick text, send a quick Facebook message or (imagine THAT) even pick up the phone for a quick (or hours-long... if you're one of the Select Few!) phone call.

I just feel like I have a renewed value for LEGIT friendships. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm likely just getting lazier with age and don't feel like making small talk with newfound acquaintances right and left. I mean, the sheer EFFORT... sigh. Oh, I could go on and on.

See?? Isn't it amazing to see the introspective little treat this simple blog contest's topic culminated into? You're so welcome in advance for this week's edition of Deep Thoughts by Christie Maliyackel.

My ultimate goal? To ultimately have something like THIS...

Or this...

Or hell, even this... a girl can plan 80 years down the line, right?

Or, of course... something like this. Can't go a blog post without referencing The Oprah, herself, right?

Wish me luck! Off to start making some phone calls, touting my renewed appreciation for some of my closest ones and onlies!

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