Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Shortest Blog Post Ever... You Can Thank My Smartphone for It

i am officially obsessed with blogging. here i am, sitting in ohare, awaiting my flight abroad for the holiday weekend and here is what is consuming my thoughts... and not necessarily in this order, just to clarify...

passport, check
glasses/toiletries, check
checked in, check... haha no pun intended
blog post update...

full stop.

hello. i cant have my blog go without an update at least explaining that i may be slacking on the blog posts till next tuesday. dont want my avid followers to think ive lost steam or anything... haha im sure you were all waiting on the edge of your seat and everything.

sooo... this ones for you, blog fans. from my droid and everything. whew typing a whole post on an itty bitty keyboard is trying with a capital t. not to mention i dont know why in heavens name my keyboard doesnt allow for any exclamations, caps, etc when im updating on blogspot... travesty. utter travesty. soo, im cutting off my post right... now.

till next week, my friends... off to iceland i go... wish me and my oh so outdoorsy self luck..

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