Thursday, November 4, 2010

bringing the world's holidays together, one funfetti cupcake at a time...

so i was debating whether christiemas festivities should begin this week or next week, but i think this week is quickly winning out. let's be honest here, i held out long enough as compared to in years past when you KNOW christiemas began in july. this was moreso a conscientious effort because i am just darn DETERMINED not to suffer from christiemas burnout before the grand december 25th itself. please. i've waited long enough. heck, starbucks has brought back their christiemas cups. it's TIME to start the season in full FORCE, thank you very much.

and dude. what a wonderful time to coincide one of the grandest seasons in the united states (christiemas. just to clarify) with one of the grandest holidays in the motherland (india. just to clarify)... diwali! woohooo! granted, i never celebrated this holiday growing up but it sounds so delightful and sunshiney and happy and merry... basically, it's totes spotlight material for the maliyacular... a blog devoted to flowers and springtime, sunshine and summertime, foliage and falltime, Mariah Carey and Christiemastime... but i digress.

okay. so it seems like everyone in india has been celebrating diwali the entire week (i may be slightly exaggerating. all i know is that they get the day off on friday. im just SAYING.) and MAN, do they celebrate in style. sigh. i want to go to india. haha i know PLENTY of you are reading this and being like... what. fair enough, i know i know. to which ill respond... well, WHAT?! i think it sounds so merry and joyous and just plain festive! just like christiemas if you will. i mean, think about it. there are all kinds of similarities. they're both religious holidays. they both involve the... festival of lights. they both involve happiness and spirit and sunshiney warm and fuzzies. well, you get the idea, right?

and the FESTIVITIES that take PLACE?!?! today was such an educational day at work. i learned about what the holiday actually celebrates but also HOW it gets celebrated over there. crafts and sweets? um hello, this is SO my kind of holiday. apparently, diwali also involves some sort of fireworks display (i mean, understandably, right? festival of lights... least, i think that's the connection. im still LEARNING, give me a break here!). anyway, putting all that information together (man, today was such an educational experience at work, let me tell you. im exhausted! haha), i decided it is about time WE celebrate some cultural roots and our counterparts half a world away by having our own little diwali celebration at work tomorrow.

i was super excited. i mean, arts and crafts? sweets? singing and dancing? general merriment? hooray hooray hooray!

well, so much for THAT idea. after my coworker voiced his concerns about my general sanity/craziness levels, i decided to just tone it down with... of course... baked goods. i mean, obvi. it's not like some coworkers and i gorged on chocolate last week in honor of halloween. but whatever. a mere side note, really. and how fab is THIS?? FUNFETTI cupcakes.... in honor of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS!!! GET IT??? funfetti is just about the most colorful kind of cupcake if ever there was one... i mean, with the frosting and sprinkles, it TOTES resemble fireworks, right?? right. well, whatever, we're going to go with that for now. and i think the decision to bake those funfetti cupcakes was simply fate. because as i was walking down my grocery store's baked goods aisle, what did i stumble across but... CHRISTIEMAS FROSTING!!!!!!!!!! eeee!!!!! it's like all the grandest things in the world just came together in one simple grocery aisle. lakfjojer!lkJlkjaals!

hoorayy!!! so get ready, world! let the christiemas festivities BEGIN!!!!! and what better way to begin the christiemas festivities than by saying... well, happy diwali!!

ps apologies for the lack of blog posts for the past MONTH. wtf, i know right? ill try to keep up. hell, i KNOW ill keep up. i gotta keep the world merry for the next two months at least! it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...

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