Monday, May 3, 2010

gretchen rubin wrote me back!!!

alskdfjkl!! i can't remember the last time that i wrote to an author, possibly because the last time was sometime back in my obsessive sweet valley high days, where darn old francine pascal (creator, but not author, of the series- just to clarify for many other misinformed individuals) would just ignore letter after letter that was sent from seven-year-old me... and then thirteen-year-old me... and then sixteen-year-old me... and then... well, im just going to stop right there. it's already fairly embarassing enough. (should i even divulge that i have the sweet valley twins mystery "the curse of the ruby necklace" sitting on my bedside table right now? eh, oh well. gretchen rubin started her own children's lit book club. i could just start my own 'adults who are still obsessed with the babysitters club and sweet valley series (in its entirety- twins, high, university...)' book club.

ah, but i digress.

ANYWAY! gretchen rubin, author of "The Happiness Project", the book ive only been actively advocating since i picked it up last week, totally responded to my email! id even prefaced my email with "i know you probably get hundreds of emails a day" (no exaggeration! i bet she does! hello! she's a ny times bestseller... not to mention, she's being interviewed right and left for only like one of the greater works of the decade here!) but lo and behold, i open up my gmail this delightful monday morning to a letter from the one and only gretchen herself!!! i cant TELL you how pleased i was to receive a response, not to mention such a QUICK response (i wrote to her yesterday morning!). and you think it was just a form letter? hell no! i would rather receive no response than a darn form letter. but gretch clearly knows better than that! she totally referred to a couple of my email's points and everything.

words can't express just how PLEASED (or, dare i say, GRATEFUL) i am right now. the novelty of a genuine letter/email from an author i admire so much has NOT worn off. so thank you, gretchen rubin. i thought it was good enough that you graced us with such a lovely work. now you've only further confirmed how wonderful and considerate a person you are.

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