Tuesday, April 6, 2010

podcasts. and lucy james, herself!

my first interview! my first interview! (for my novel, that is... i mean, you KNOW it's not my first interview EVER...)

im so excited!! please do check it out: http://thecreativecareer.com/

while it's a podcast, in which the intent of the site is to advise college students about "thinking outside the box" in terms of career options post-graduation, it's still my first "real" interview about my (unpublished... but actively searching for publishers!) novel! laksjdflkasj!!

ha- youll notice there are slight pauses in my typical thousand words per minute maliyacular. these are the points in which my mind is off in eighty five million directions, ready to babble on and on about lucyland, and yet, my professional filter is still somewhat intact, believe it or not, as i realize some of the things im sharing can be heard by... well, anyone... including people from my old job. oops. haha. so please note that the words "frattastic" and/or "frat party" are not mentioned anywhere in the podcast... wait, are they? oops. i should really screen this myself but, to be honest, i got kind of bored when i was listening to it! i stopped listening around minute 6 (they gave me quite a bit of air time... i was shocked)... anyway, okay, so im not doing the best job of self-promoting myself... i mean, who starts off advertising oneself and then calling oneself boring?! sigh. anyway.

oh yeah... gratitude journal time. im grateful for... hmm... podcasts. and lucy james, herself. sigh. i LOVE LUCY!!! hahaha. okay, this makes me sound like i worship myself (i mean, who are we kidding here? lucy james = christie maliyackel and any/everyone who has read any snippet of the novel CLEARLY knows it), but you should know that that's certainly not the case with me (if you know me, at least... and if you dont know me- well... can you let me know who you are?! because i would love to hear that i have random followers!!! seriously! hahaha. oh lord. and now i have officially scared off ANY individual who would randomly consider following this blog... sigh. filter, christie, FILTER!). im just on cloud nine! or maybe cloud like seven... because cloud eight would be ACTUALLY getting lucyland published... and cloud nine... well, lucyland becomes oprah book club favorite and/or new york times bestseller! hello.

enjoy! enjoy!

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