Thursday, January 21, 2010

sigh. i love the world sometimes.

argh. why does the situation in haiti keep worsening? i mean, seriously? ANOTHER aftershock today? this is getting kind of ridiculous- give them a break, here!

being the firm believer of general awareness of global issues (particularly in crisis-ridden areas which, quite frankly, is more than an understatement of what's going on in haiti right now, i know)... and, of course, being a pop culture fan at that... i would like to take the opportunity to ACTIVELY advertise the Hope for Haiti telethon that will be airing at 8 PM EST tomorrow (1/22) night... PLEASE PARK IT IN FRONT OF A TELEVISION!! you can't miss it- it's going to be on basically every major TV station (as it should be). it's guaranteed to not only be the most entertaining thing EVER (hello! beyonce, jayz, bono, madonna?? and that's just the beginning...), but most importantly (of course), the proceeds will continue to pour into haiti.

sigh. sometimes i just love the world. it really does come together when you really need it to, doesn't it? (okay. i know this might sound more than a little idealistic, considering all the complaints that have been made with regards to the lack of supplies/food being distributed in an effective and efficient fashion, but come ON. look at the EFFORT that's going into it all. efficiency will quickly come about... now that rescue efforts are already one week in... and rescuers actually somewhat know what they are doing now. have a little faith, people!)

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